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Attention Christian Authors, Ministers and Life Coaches:

So, you’re writing a book
or you’re an author
and want to “get out there?”

Are you weary from searching for solutions on how to market, promote and sell your book?

  • Do you need help marketing your book? 
  • Want to get more exposure immediately for your book? 
  • Do you need help putting together dazzling marketing materials such as post cards, a book trailer, a podcast, an author photo or press kit? 
  • Could you use a list of media contacts and book stores to send promotional materials? 
  • Would you like to know how the media finds and ranks guests? 
  • How to do a great interview and get called back over and over again? 
  • Would you like more invitations for speaking engagements and book signings? 

Well, I can help! It’s my calling! I will walk you through the steps to help you fulfill your dreams. I can help you as your PR Coach by giving you all of my industry resources, contacts, best-selling tips, proven PR strategies to get your book “out there.”


As your PR Coach I will show you how to…

  1. Define and target your audience who will buy your book 
  2. Build a platform that will sustain your speaking and publishing career
  3. Create a brand that identifies your ministry and translates globally 
  4. Develop a campaign strategy that will sell books 
  5. Produce dazzling press & marketing materials that get noticed and picked up by the media 
  6. Navigate social media to leverage and extend your brand 
  7. Generate media hits that will automatically get you to the “A list” status and be a sought-after speaker! 

 and more!

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