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    Hate YOUR website? Get a makeover!

    Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

    crash-course-arrows-downWebsite Makeover Workshop helps those with book
    marketing and internet marketing struggles. To assist you with learning how to
    market a book online to traffic generation.

    It’s for authors and entrepreneurs who are non
    techie / non web designers just like you, understand and better utilize book
    excerpts, subscriptions forms, book reviews and videos on websites, to capture
    more subscribers, readers, and sales.

    We have helpedcomputer-stuff many authors
    generate more sales and subscribers.

    With Website Makeover Workshop, you
    can more effectively sale online by learning practical and applicable
    techniques. The question is this: What if everything you believed about your
    website was wrong?

    And to help you learn more about how to improve
    your website and  achieve greater results, we’re inviting you to claim your Free
    Website Makeover Workshop eCourse when you visit www.tinyurl.com/authorwebmakeover

    How to write your book in a weekend

    Saturday, June 20th, 2009

    Is it takin
    g youblack-woman-on-computer2 longer to write your book

    than you ever expected … a lot longer?

    If so, you’re invited to a free telephone

    seminar on Thursday, June 25th with a woman

    who’s developed a unique system for writing

    a quality non-fiction book in a weekend!


    Discover the speed writing system she’s

    used to help 238 authors get their books

    done quickly. Yes YOU can too! You are one

    click away from awesome!

    To your success,

    Pam Perry, Your PR Coach

    P.S. For PR tools and resources go to: http://www.e-junkie.com/pamperry (Get free mp3 for PR Boot Camp Orientation call) Next Class starts July 14!

    5 Smart Reasons Why Authors Should Hire a PR Coach instead of a Publicist

    Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

    Hey Future Best Seller!

    Those who show up, go up. That’s my mantra.

    With summer almost upon up and half the year gone, are you getting your PR in gear for 2010 to win? If not, I invite you to take advantage of the June PR Boot Camp Online Coaching Classes. (Class starts again in 3 weeks)
    Hear the intro on the blog: www.MinistryMarketingSolutionsblog.com
    and as a bonus get the FREE PR Boot Camp Orientation mp3
    at http://www.e-junkie.com/pamperry

    Pam Perry, PR Coach

    Pam Perry, PR Coach

    5 Smart Reasons Why Authors
    Should Hire a PR Coach instead of a Publicist

    Have you considered hiring a publicist but their fees are way out of your price range?

    Do you need a publicist but you’ve heard the horror stories of “I paid my retainers and got nothing?”

    Regardless of the fact that this may all be true, at some point people need to know about your business other than by word of mouth.  Publicity has served and still today is the best avenue in getting the word out.

    Ministry Marketing Solutions does full service PR for the most well known Christian publishers and authors in the nation from Bishop TD Jakes, Pastor Bill Winston, Taffi Dollar, Pastor Andre Butler & Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook but also teaches authors to be their own publicist – to build their platform, brand their ministry.

    I will be your coach that shows you step by step, exactly how to do your own publicity just like the pros.  You actually become the publicist for your book and build your “brand.”

    Let’s check out these 5 reasons why you may want to consider
    The PR Boot Camp Coaching  Program:

    #1 – Cost
    This is the number one reason many authors have turned to PR coaching.  The usual fees for a publicist range from $2,000-$5,000 a amonth, depending on the publicist and the number of hours required to publicize the business.

    #2 – Customized Plan
    When you work with a PR coach, your publicity plan is customized just for your book/ministry, not some template used for all other books.

    #3 – Media Savvy
    You will learn everything there is to know about the various forms of media and how to get your business noticed by them. I will give you real contacts too! (Unheard of in the industry)

    #4 – Online Tips and Tricks
    You will learn how to leverage twitter, flickr, facebook, myspace, youtube, blogs, linkedin and more to build your brand and sell more books. Create online relationships that turn into customers and ministry partners.  Learning these free online marketing tools will save you thousands of dollars.

    #5 – Media  vs. Public vs. Ministry Industry Publicity
    In today’s society, mainly because of the Internet, there is more than just media publicity.  Learn how to get to all 3!

    So as you see, PR Coaching is a great alternative to hiring a publicist or a public relations firm.

    For more info go to:

    to see what others have said about Ministry Marketing Solutions results!

    Our PR Boot Camp classes start on Tuesday and runs for 4 weeks plus you get 4 weeks of support to make sure you stay on track!  – don’t worry if you can’t make the exact date/times, the classes are recorded and delivered to you via MP3 and you get the PR Boot Camp workbook, email support and worksheets!

    How simple is that!?

    Pam Perry
    Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc. – Creator of Chocolate Pages Show & Network

    P.S. Bonus – those who register get a copy of the new book: Synergy Energy and a bonus CD! CAMP STARTS SOON! Get in before we fill up! Need details? Email Leah Hubbard at waabiz@aol.com

    7 Book Promotion Methods for Your Nonfiction Book (Guest Blog)

    Monday, June 8th, 2009

    There are two things every author must know about book promotion for your nonfiction book. First, it is your responsibility, no matter what publishing method you use – conventional, print on demand (POD), or self-publishing. Second, promotion should begin long before your book is finished. In fact, you should be thinking about it from the very beginning of the planning process.

    One of the first questions you should ask yourself is who are my readers? Once you have identified your target market, your next step is to find ways to tell them what the book is about; what problem it will solve; why it is funny, informative, or moving; who wrote it and why; and, most important, why they want to spend money to own your book. What follows are seven proven book promotion ways to reach your readers with this information:

    1. Create a website for your book.

    You must have a presence on the Internet for solid book promotion and book marketing. A Website showcases your book, highlights the cover, introduces you as an expert author, delineates the main points, tells where the book may be purchased, and provides a place for testimonials. A Website doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate, but it should be professionally designed and constructed. Unless you are a Web guru, invest in a professional Website designer.

    2. Brainstorm ideas for book promotion and book marketing.

    Gather a group of your most creative friends to generate as many ideas as you can (It’s a good idea to feed them). Break your reading audience into subgroups, and list all the places to find them. Where do they hang out? What organizations do they belong to? Where do they shop? What are their passions, hobbies, and vocations? The spreadsheet you create is the beginning of your promotional plan.

    3. Send advance readers’ copies (ARCs) to promote your book.

    When the book is finished but not yet published, send bound copies of Galley proofs to book reviewers at print and electronic media. Be sure to stamp them “Reader’s Copy” or “Galley Proof.” You want to time the reviews to coincide with the publication and availability of your book. Reviewers want to read it before it hits the shelves. Timing is everything.

    4. Submit articles to promote your book.

    Your book is a goldmine of article ideas. Every major point is an article ready to be excerpted or paraphrased. Once you know what your target audience is reading, you have a list of potential publications, print and electronic. Write a 25- and 50-word author’s blurb to be printed at the end of every article. When you submit to an online article Website, indicate that the article may be reprinted at no charge, as long as it includes the author’s blurb.

    5. Take part in book fairs as a great book promotion tool.

    Share a table or booth with other writers or with members of an association of which you are a member, if it is relevant to your topic. Book fairs can mean long hours on your feet if you go it alone; but, when you share the workload, the experience can be fun and rewarding. You’ll meet new people, reach readers directly, and become personally involved in selling your book.

    6. Share what you know to become an expert in your field.

    Offer to give free presentations at bookstores and other venues that carry your book. This is a great way to build your reputation as an expert in your field, provide value to the bookseller and the book buyer, and connect directly with your readers. It’s good for your ego to be asked to sign your own book. One caveat: if you don’t feel comfortable speaking in front of a group, join Toastmasters or hire a speaking coach. Don’t muddle through your presentation.

    7. Assemble a book sales package.

    Put together a press kit to send to local radio and TV stations. Include a news release with pertinent information about the book and future scheduled appearances, an author’s bio, talking points to use in an on-air interview, a sample book cover, background information, and favorable reviews and testimonials. A press kit is like a resume; it gets you in the door. Once you get there, the rest is up to you.

    Promoting your book is an ongoing project. It isn’t something you do once and then move on. As long as your book is available and there are potential readers who could enjoy it and benefit from reading it, you have a job to do. This is, after all, why you wrote it.

    About the Author

    Bobbi Linkemer is a ghostwriter, editor, and the author of 12 books under her own name. She has been a professional writer for 40 years, a magazine editor and journalist, and a book-writing teacher. Her clients range from Fortune 100 companies to entrepreneurs who want to write books in order to enhance their credibility and build their businesses. Visit her Website at: http://www.WriteANonfictionBook.com

    Make and Keep Friends in the Media – Networking is KEY

    Friday, June 5th, 2009
    Pam Perry and Rick Frishman, book PR mentor

    Pam Perry and Rick Frishman, book PR mentor

    from Rick Frishman’s Amazon Blog

    Cultivating relationships with the media is crucial to the success of a publicity campaign. In order to get optimum publicity, you need to become a media resource. The fact is the media is interested only in what you can do for them or their audience so you need to frame your presentations to show the media how your story can satisfy their goals.

    Always be a professional. If the media doesn’t respond to or return your call, understand it’s not personal. Remember there are thousands of other people doing exactly what you’re doing and it takes time to respond to everyone.

    Stay on their radar screen by periodically calling or e-mailing to gently remind them that you’re still around and available if they need your expertise. Follow the careers of your media contacts. Learn which subjects interest them, the projects they’re working on and those they plan to cover. When you make new media contacts, ask how they prefer to be contacted-email, phone, fax or mailing and be sure to note their preference on your media list.

    Be available when media contacts call, consider it an opportunity and go the extra mile. If you can’t supply what they want, think of who else you know that might. Give the media names and leads, make some calls, check with your network and do research . . . whatever might help. They’ll remember that and you.
    This is syndicated from Rick Frishman’s Blog.

    Get the both books on Amazon.com: Synergy Energy and Networking Magic