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    Pam Perry’s Picks for Business Success

    Tuesday, December 29th, 2009


    Interview Tactics: How to Give a Killer Interview

    Thursday, December 24th, 2009

    Click to hear interview:

    Gayl Murphy interview with Pam Perry on Chocolate Pages Show

    Interview Tactics & Media Coaching  from Gayl: How to Give a “Killer” Interview

    Be as honest and up front as you can with the person that’s interviewing you without “giving up” anything you wouldn’t want to read about yourself tomorrow.

    Relax, enjoy and have a good time. Being interviewed is supposed to be FUN. You get to be the star of THE ME SHOW, starring ME, or in this case … YOU!

    Your JOB is to your CAPTURE your listener’s ATTENTION
    and imagination in the shortest amount of time. One of best ways of doing that is by using COLOR and DETAIL. Always speak in complete sentences and avoid lazy language.

    Keep people ENGAGED in what you’re saying, so they’ll continue asking you questions. This keeps the interview DYNAMIC, COHESIVE and MOVING along.

    PREPARE. PREPARE. PREPARE. KNOW the hard questions in advance and what you’re going to say BEFORE you talk to the press, or any gatekeeper just don’t write a script. (MURPHY’S LAW: Think BULLET POINTS.)

    Stay on TOPIC and stay FOCUSED
    . Be SPECIFIC. Give facts and information, names, dates and places. And, there is NO such thing as off-the-record.

    Always have your SOUNDBITES READY, they help tell your story and keep it COMPELLING and ATTENTION GRABBING. (MURPHY’S LAW: A soundbite is a brief and outstanding mini-version of who you are and what you’re selling. Like an audio snapshot!)

    Whenever possible, CONNECT your STORY, or pitch, with a story, or trend that’s already in the headlines, so it becomes NEWSWORTHY. The press loves stories that are “ripped from the headlines” because they’re in the news business.

    LISTEN carefully to what’s being asked.

    Don’t be long-winded and GET TO THE POINT. You can always add more information on the back end.

    Know when to WRAP IT UP – and YES or NO is not an answer.

    WRAP their questions into your answers. (MURPHY’S LAW: Practice this one so it sounds natural.)

    Don’t wear, or carry anything that jingles, beeps, rings, cries, barks or makes noise on it’s own.

    Being in the media spotlight requires a level of PERFORMANCE. Always bring your ENERGY with you, regardless of where you are IT’S SHOWTIME!

    ALL interviews are GIVE AND TAKE. Listen carefully to what’s being asked, so you know what’s next.

    Make eye contact, SMILE!
    It’s OK to comment on an insightful question.

    Whatever your product, service or pitch, take along a sample, or photo, or PR material.

    Dress for SUCCESS and dress the part,
    whatever your part is. You’re the STAR! (MURPHY’S LAW: You decide how you want the world to see you.

    Source: GAYL MURPHY’S

    Gayl Murphy is a Veteran Hollywood Correspondent, Media and Presentational Coach, Speaker and Author of “Interview Tactics! How to Survive the Media without Getting Clobbered! The Insider’s Guide to Giving a Killer Interview!”

    As a Media Expert, Gayl celebrit-izes CEO’s, authors, experts, inventors, creative entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers, entertainment industry pros and celebrities in business and entertainment to CELEBRITIZE themselves and their brands so they can TELL IT TO SELL IT! http://www.InterviewTactics.com

    As a veteran Correspondent, Gayl’s has reported on entertainment and show business for ABC News, ABC TV, SKY News, BBC Radio, BBC TV, E! Entertaintment, HollywoodToday.net and BigMediaUSA among others. She has personally interviewed over 14,000 of the biggest celebrities and newsmakers in the world.

    About Gayl Murphy’s “Interview Tactics!”
    Working with the media and getting the word out about who you are and what you do on TV, radio, print and online is about as good as it gets!

    One hot story can bring you an avalanche of new clients and even more press coverage. And, having an arsenal of engaging, media-savvy and sticky soundbites to get you there is the best news of all!

    In today’s highly competitive, time-crunching and media-morphing world, having stockpile of “Interview Tactics!” is about knowing the lay of Media Land – and being a STAR in ANY situation that requires stepping up, answering questions, telling your story, peaking your listener’s interest and wrapping it up in 20 seconds or less…because sometimes that’s all you’re going to get.

    Go one-on-one with the media, or any gatekeeper/decision-maker to tell the world about who you are, what you do and what’s next using “Interview Tactics!” Learn REAL insider strategies for pitching any business, any product, any service, anytime, anywhere! Because when the going gets tough, the tough use the media!


    Watch your email for upcoming FREE Teleseminar with Pam Perry & Gayl Murphy

    at the end of January 2010 – “How to Pitch it to Promote it”

    Go to: www.MinistryMarketingSolutions.com

    Ministry Marketing with Pam Perry teaching internet marketing and online buzz

    Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

    Online Marketing for Ministries and Christian Authors
    Also visit: bit.ly/ministryvideos

    Marketing to the Social Web: How Digital Customer Communities Build Your Business

    Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

    Social Media Marketing

    Editorial Reviews

    “…outstanding book…an intelligent, accessible guide to a new world.” (The Marketer; Chartered Institute of Marketing, October 2007)
    –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

    Product Description
    An updated and expanded Second Edition of the popular guide to social media for the business community

    Marketers must look to the Web for new ways of finding customers and communicating with them, rather than at them. From Facebook and YouTube to blogs and Twitter-ing, social media on the Internet is the most promising new way to reach customers. Marketing to the Social Web, Second Edition helps marketers and their companies understand how to engage customers, build customer communities, and maximize profits in a time of marketing confusion.

    Author and social media guru Larry Weber describes newly available tools and platforms, and shows you how to apply them to see immediate results and growth.

    Rather than broadcast messages to audiences, savvy marketers should encourage participation in social networks to which people want to belong, where dialogue with customers, and between customers, can flourish. in Networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, and even Flickr are the perfect forums for this dialog; this book shows you how to tap into this new media.

    In addition to the tools and tactics that made Marketing to the Social Web a critical hit among marketers, this second edition includes three entirely new chapters that cover recent changes in the field. These new chapters describe how Facebook will monetize its business and one day surpass Google; how companies can measure the influence and effectiveness of their social media campaigns; and how marketing to mobile social media will grow into an effective practice in the near future.

    Marketing must reach out into new forms, media, and models. Marketing to the Social Web, Second Edition presents an exceptional opportunity to use these new tools and models to reach new markets, even in today’s fragmented media environment.

    Larry Weber has spent the last three decades building global communications companies, including Weber Shandwick Worldwide and the W2 Group. He is also the founder and Chairman of the Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange, the nation’s largest interactive advocate association.

    Social Media Marketing Teleseminar: http://www.pamperry.eventbrite.com
    Get the book. See on the Teleseminar on Dec. 15!

    Ministry Marketing Strategies Online!

    Monday, December 7th, 2009

    Church Marketing Strategies For The Body of Christ by guest blogger Theresa Croft

    Church marketing for your corporate body of believers involves implementing strategic marketing to help fulfill the Great Commission of reaching out to save the lost. The church marketing plan discussed here is NOT about developing fancy flashy material, or expensive advertising campaigns with a “fast talking” preacher-salesman mindset. It is about using sound marketing principles and applying them to your church as you fulfill God’s call.

    In fact, church evangelism and basic marketing have some of the same purposes. It’s to get the “word out”, to make others aware of a service or product offered to potential clients (or members for the churches), and to motivate them to “buy” or take part.

    A preacher or evangelists already has some great skills of selling. Instead of making a deal for a product, they are attempting to “close the prospect” in accepting Jesus as their Savior!

    Hence, ministry marketing is put into place to reach out and attract the lost for salvation first, and then to teach and train them to play a vital role in your church’s vision to impact the world.

    This church marketing plan involves accomplishing what Jesus said in Mathew 28:19-20:
    “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the sonand of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you….”

    So where do you start your own church marketing?
    Clarify Your Vision
    Identify what you believe is your church’s vision or destiny. What part are you going to play in making disciples? Is your focus on the homeless on your city streets or the rich and famous?

    Define and Write Down The Marketing Plan
    Church marketing planning will help connect you to your desired goal and destiny for your body of believers. Having a written ministry marketing plan will put you in the top 5% of ministry marketers, according to Chris Forbes, the “Ministry Marketing Coach.”Write out the goals and make a time table to accomplish them in one year to 18 months. Praying and asking for a “God-inspired” ministry marketing principle or a marketing anointing is a great place to start.

    Find Your Focus Group

    Focus on the “WHO” you want your specific church marketing to reach. You have to know who you will be talking to, in order to effectively communicate and speak to their needs.

    For example, in my days of working at the Christian radio station, we knew based on Arbitron ratings and other studies, that are main listening audience base consisted of women in a certain age bracket. So we aimed our promotions and ministry marketing focus to reach out and help that particular group. When I was on the air, I knew I was mostly talking to this targeted group of women, so I spoke in a way where I tried to minister to their specific needs and concerns.

    So take the time to write down characteristics, demographics and any information you can to identify your target group. Study and learn as many things as you can about them. As you get to know your target audience more and more, you will be able to connect and communicate to the people you want to reach.

    Branding is what differentiates you from other ministries. Sometimes the religion of your church is what creates a branding. Non-denominational churches don’t have this as much as say, a Baptist or Catholic church.

    So branding is not about trying to get your focus group to choose your ministry over another, but to show them you have a definite solution to their need.

    For example, I used to go to a church where people who ride Harley Davidson Motorcycles were accepted without a blink of an eye. Any given Sunday, you’d see many come through the church doors with their leathers on and some with their black Tee-shirts saying, “These ARE my Church clothes”. This is a good example of how branding can attract the kind of people of which you desire to teach and minister.

    When you have a good branding in your marketing approach, you know your message is clear, you have established credibility, and you have found a way to emotionally connect with your target audience. The result is a motivated group of people who are loyal and want to help you to accomplish your vision.
    It’s interesting to note that the branding of your ministry often resides within the hearts and minds of your church members. It is the sum total of their experiences and perceptions, some of which you can influence.

    Promotion and Using Video Ministry

    Your church marketing plan obviously will have an element of promotion in it. But I am not referring to the kind of promotion that costs a great deal of money, such as advertising and expensive billboards. You can promote through learning to write news releases and sending them regularly to your local media outlets. Get the word out through Community Calenders, Public Service Announcements which many Christian Radio Stations offer, and local involvement in areas where your target audience is likely to be found.

    Back to the example of a targeted group that includes Harley Riders, or Bikers. Find out when they have their regular rides, meetings and special events. You can find ways to use these events to connect with them. Have a special “Biker’s Sunday” to invite more motorcycle riders to your church.

    One key element in this promotional part of Church marketing is a website. Having a professional website is a must in a church marketing plan in today’s fast pace world of technology. Almost everyone is on line. The audience you can reach there is incredible!

    But let’s make one thing clear. It’s not just about having a website for the sake of saying you have one! It must be professional and exemplify excellence in all facets. Having a fancy web site with blinking animations and scrolling text is NOT what I mean.

    Content is what keeps keeps people coming back and new people finding you on line. Write great content to meet the needs of your church body and your target group. Tell them not just what’s happening at the church, but what is going on in heart of your pastor, worship leader or youth pastor. Ultimately they are desiring that you speak life into their daily challenges with words of hope and instruction from the Word.

    Powerful testimonies of what God is doing in Church members lives should be featured and updated often. Testimonies will do more to “sell” the benefits of your ministry than anything else. Create a section in your website where you get members to speak into a camera and testify. This is one ministry marketing strategy that hits a “home run” every time.

    This leads me to one passion I have in using video ministry and multimedia tools. We live in a media saturated world. According to comScore, 75% of Internet users watched online video in May 2007, averaging 158 minutes per viewer. Nearly 8.4 billion videos were streamed online in the month of May. That’s a lot. And it’s increasing day by day.

    I started a Video Production Company a few years ago to help churches and ministries use video to promote themselves and to use on the front page of their website. I have also worked with Christian schools producing powerful video marketing promotional tools. You can check one I did recently by clicking here. I can think of no better way to illustrate this type of Promotional Video tool that can help in your branding and marketing than to show it to you….ON VIDEO. This is one of my favorite ways to help with ministry marketing.

    Traffic Plan For Ministry
    Soon to be released, Ministry Marketing Productions will present the Book, “Ministry Marketing Strategies For Today’s Christian Ministries”.
    Check out a preview with this video:
    Ministry Marketing Video Series Teaching The Power Of Social Media (Part 1)
    We’d love to provide more information to help you in marketing and information concerning the latest online strategies.

    Video is proving to be a key element in any market plan. Why not take advantage of it. You don’t have to be a “YouTube” channel, but you can provide powerful videos on your church website or on your own church’s video channel!

    Click here to return to Ministry-Marketing-Strategies HOME Page.


    Branding Super Star Call with Pam Perry & Cedrick Harris

    Tuesday, December 1st, 2009
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    Topic:  “How to Succeed in Network Marketing with Personal Branding & Attraction Marketing” 
     Cedrick Harris
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    Pam Perry, YOUR PR Coach helping you to brand your best life!
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