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    4 Ways to Make Profit With Press Releases

    Wednesday, February 10th, 2010
    Christian PR

    Get the PR you Deserve! Market the Message!

    Millions of people log on to the internet daily. The internet has become a big market for products and services. In addition, as you know, marketing your product or service anywhere needs promotion because you need to make your presence felt to consumers.

    Writing press releases is one of the most important ways to promote your website over the internet. Writing press releases frequently will attract web traffic to your site.

    Press releases are an essential part of advertising and promoting your campaigns online, and hence writing an effective press release, which is newsworthy, and attention grabbing is very important. Simply writing the PR does not help your purpose. It needs to be well complemented with proper use, to get the most effective result.

    * Your PR needs to stand out so that the media and or consumer will see that it is newsworthy and it is something they want to explore of purchase.
    * The more people want to read your PR, the more advertising you will be getting online. Your Christian-PR news release is like a “virtual sales brochure” that can attract potential customers. Hence, the body of the PR should be factual and informative, giving the readers like bloggers, the consumer and media a reason to read your press release.

    * After identifying your target audience, you should write your PR keeping in mind the maturity level and the attitude of your audience. Write more versions of the same press release to cater to the different fragments of your objective market.

    * The titles of your press release acts like a door bell, it should attract attention.

    PR is one of the most important tools of advertising over internet.

    However, if the above tips are kept in mind while writing it, you can write an effective and newsworthy PR, which in turn will help you make profit.

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    You need a Book Publicity Toolkit for your book

    Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

    Pam Perry's PR Kit in a Box - 1/2 off now

    Author Marketing 101

    Professionals always come prepared. Good plumbers don’t show up at your home unless they have all the right tools with them. And, they keep their equipment in shipshape condition so repairs go smoothly.

    Well, the same holds true when you want to publicize your book; you need to have the right tools and they must be ready to use. Having the right tools is an indispensable part of being prepared.

    Numerous tools can help you publicize your book. However, for our purpose, lets classify them in two basic categories. They are:

    1. Primary tools, items that are essential and that no promotional campaign should attempt to proceed without, and

    2. Secondary tools, those that are not essential but can help your campaign be more productive.

    Previously we discussed the author’s silver bullet (see http://www.ministrymarketingsolutionsblog.com), which is an author’s number one publicity tool. No book publicity campaign should proceed without a silver bullet. In addition, every campaign should include the following primary tools, which we will subsequently address in greater detail.

    The primary tools include:

    Media lists
    Media kits
    Press releases
    Photographs of the author in color and black and white, including one of the author in an action shot, perhaps signing the book or doing something that relates to the book
    Question-and-answer sheets
    Business cards
    Promotional materials

    Additional Tools

    The number of additional tools that you can use in your campaign is as extensive as your imagination. Finding them can be an exercise in creativity. Unlike the primary tools, which are a must for every campaign, additional tools should be plugged in only when they can be helpful, because adding tools you don’t need can clutter your campaign and weaken the impact of initiatives that could be more productive.

    The following items are examples of some of the additional devices you can use. Be creative and come up with other promotional tools of your own that could help you publicize your book.

    Additional promotional tools include:

    Book excerpts
    Fact sheets
    Graphics (photographs, charts, diagrams, lists, illustrations)
    Handouts List of top topics for the media
    Op-ed piece
    Pitch letter
    Sample chapter(s)
    Stories about the Book
    Toll-free telephone number

    More Publishing resources at

    more at http://bit.ly/8cDLgm

    Also see www.e-junkie.com/pamperry

    Source: Rick Frishman