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    Hubspot Graded My Website: Ministry Marketing Solutions & Internet Tips from Greg Cesar

    Thursday, November 18th, 2010

    The Website Grade for example.com!

    Hear the podcast. Hear Greg Cesar talk about online marketing on the Synergy Energy Show

    Website Design Success – Understanding the Difference Between Graphics and Marketing

    The secret to web design success is to strike the balance in using graphics. You must find a way to make an appealing website and at the same time increase conversion rate. It is false to assume that an attractive website translates to better conversion. So how do you ensure web design success through the use of graphics?

    * The F-pattern. Understanding how people typically read web sites is the key to web design success. Studies have shown that people follow the F-pattern when browsing web pages. This means that the eye flow starts from the top to the left side. The right side is more often than not ignored. Also, people have learned not to notice the topmost heading of the website. This syndrome is called “banner blindness.” Because advertising banners are often displayed here, people have trained themselves to ignore this portion.

    * Relevant text – Supporting Graphics. People put more weight in relevant content and tend to remember information more than eye-catching graphics. So does this mean you don’t need graphics at all? Not at all. Your graphics should support your relevant content to achieve maximum impact.

    * High-resolution Images – Another tip towards web design success is to include graphics that do not compromise your site loading time. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot use high-resolution images. Nothing turns off buyers more than a low resolution image. The right way to display high resolution images is to break them down so that they don’t affect your loading time. Another way is to use thumbnails that users can click if they want to see your images up close.

    * Alternate text – In order to market your products effectively, you have to rank well in search engines. When using graphics, you should include an alternate text so that it won’t affect your page rank. This will allow even your images and videos to be indexed in the search engines.

    * The Right Way to Display – Take the time to think about what consumers look for in your product in order to provide graphics that move them to buy your product. This means that if you are selling clothes, they will be sold well if people will see them on real people.

    Ultimately, web design success boils down to knowing your target audience and their needs. When you address these needs, you’ll be more than able to keep your existing customers and to generate new ones.

    Which one of these 11 web design mistakes will you make? Claim your Free Report at: http://www.webdesignmistakes.com.

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    Facebook wall Posts & Podcasts from Pam Perry, PR Coach

    Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

    pam perry synergy energy show

    Listen to these podcasts and get a glimpse of what you’ll get in the Strategy sessions (PAM PERRY UNIVERSITY) tailored to YOU: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/pam-perry-pr-coach-blog-talk/id302291002

    Marketing Tips for Authors

    Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010