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  • Archive for December, 2010

    Hear interview with million-dollar biz owner and author, Richelle Shaw

    Thursday, December 30th, 2010

    Are you ready to build your million dollar business? Hear this interview:

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    I realize that this can be scary. Of course it is not a sure thing…but

    what really is?

    Before deciding on a project, I think through the worst that can

    happen…then I think about the best. If I can handle the worst, then I

    do it.

    Here is your first question. How many books have you read now?

    Why it is fun to continue to research?…

    When you have a backup…something to keep your income steady, it is

    easy to keep working and working to perfect a new project. You think

    about how much you can make and fantasize about the freedom it will

    give you.

    Hear me when I say, I totally understand. Implementing makes your

    idea real; And makes potential failure real. It was more fun for me to

    continue to dream than to implement because, I don’t fail in my


    I have to admit that I have had more failures than successes

    however, I still love the game.

    I would love to see you bring your business idea to reality. AND

    know for sure that it is or is not a great business. Remember, Yes or

    No – either is better than neither. If the answer is yes, it is a success –

    GREAT!!! If it is No, then we can move on to a new project. I like to

    fail fast so that I can find my next opportunity.

    If you find that you do need additional help, feel free to go to my

    website, www.richelleshaw.com for more help. Let me know that Pam Perry sent you and get a bonus!

    richelle shaw

    Richelle Shaw, guest on the Synergy Energy Show with Pam Perry

    Ministry Marketing Solutions voted as “Savviest in Social Media” from StartUp Nation

    Thursday, December 2nd, 2010
    Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc.
    Wins the 2010 Savviest in Social Media in the
    StartUp Nation Home Based-100

    Thank you for your prayers, your votes and your virtual friendship.

    It’s a digital world and I’m glad to be connected, linked,

    tweeting or facebooking with you!

    This is an honor and I am humbled to win this prestigious

    award out of the thousands that entered!

    Now on to really MARKET THE MESSAGE! Are you ready to “crush it” too?

    Pam Perry, YOUR PR Coach & Social Media Strategist
    Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc.

    Click to Connect, Learn and Earn

    Contestant’s Case to Win

    Ten-Year-Old Public Relations Firm Reinvents
    Delivering Online Branding, Viral Videos,

    Digital Marketing, Virtual Assistance and

    More to Authors, Nonprofits and Entrepreneurs

    Detroit – Reinvention. Reposition. Rebranding.

    This is what Pam Perry, the chief visionary of the

    10-year-old Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc has done.

    The award-winning PR coach has kicked the company into

    another gear by developing a full selection of social

    media services for authors, organizations and small businesses.
    “I want to position my clients to superstar success – like a rock star!

    The way to help them achieve major visibility,

    more credibility and high marketability is to leverage

    the internet and ‘crush it’ with social media marketing,” said Perry.

    “We have kicked it up a notch – and ready to rock and roll.”

    The Detroit Free Press called her “a marketing whiz on an

    almost immortal mission.” Publishers Weekly called her a “PR Guru.”

    Hear her latest podcast with social media superstar,

    Shama Kababi of “The Zen of Social Media” here: www.blogtalkradio.com/ministrymarketingsolutions

    The Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc. team provides

    clients with overall branding which includes blog site

    development, email marketing, article marketing,

    online videos, podcasting, social media management,

    PR coaching, virtual assistance, keyword research and

    other traffic building techniques.

    Ministry Marketing Solutions, founded in 2000,

    is an online branding and social media agency

    that provides services for best-selling authors,

    nonprofit organizations and entrepreneurs.

    Visit the website and read all the free articles on

    book marketing and social media.
    Pam Perry and the team have a book coming out next year:

    The Swagger of Social Media and a TV show: Synergy Energy

    Find us on Facebook

    Thanks again. I appreciate you – now let’s get YOUR Social Media Program going!!

    Pam Perry, PR Coach & Social Media Strategist
    Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc.
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