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    Pam’s Tweets of the Week

    Thursday, August 30th, 2012


    pam perry social media swag pr coach

    Pam Perry, PR Coach

    listen to ‘PR 2.0 and Platform Building Bootcamp’ on Audioboo

    Social Media Day with Pam Perry #smday

    Friday, June 22nd, 2012

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    Why is Social Media

    So Important?

    What is it and why should you get involved?

    Social media is the means by which people share thoughts,

    ideas, photos, videos and relationships online.

    It allows everyone the opportunity to contribute content.

    There are many tools people use to participate in social media

    including blogs and social networking sites such as Facebook,

    Twitter and LinkedIn.

    What was once a fad for teenagers has become the
    fastest growing segment of the online world.

    Social Media Swag with Pam Perry, Social Media Specialist & PR Coach
    Social Media Swag with Pam Perry, Social Media Specialist & PR Coach

    Millions of people are using the Web to reconnect with old friends,

    make new friends, research products and services, join fan clubs

    and become active in campaigns they feel passionate about.

    Social media is alive and not going away anytime soon.

    Communities are forming and discussions are happening

    whether you’re there or not.

    Seven out of 10 consumers have visited social media

    websites to get information, and nearly half (49%)

    of these consumers made a purchase decision

    based on what they gathered.

    It’s time YOU become an active participant.

    Here’s how:


    Pam Perry’s Laptop Workshop on Social Media Day, Sat., June 30
    Go here now:

    and get bonus gifts.

    Listen to this show:
    “You Need A Platform to Be Heard.

    Here’s How To Build One”
    by Pam Perry PR Coach on #BlogTalkRadio

    On Demand Podcast: Click and Listen

    social media pr solutions

    Blogging for Beginners Video Series

    Sunday, March 20th, 2011

    Do you desperately NEED A BLOG but you have NO CLUE how to Blog? Internet Entrepreneurs and Newbie Bloggers

    I’m sure you already know that having a blog is a big deal. As a work at home mom, I’ve been using my blog to market my business for years. Not only does my blog make me money, but it gets me publicity. I have gotten PR opportunities from big name companies like Disney and interview requests from talk show hosts and reporters for magazines like Essence and Black Enterprise (just to name a few).

    With over 8 years blogging experience and a growing list of popular blogs like SistaSense.com and the Black Parenting Blog, I know exactly what you need to know about starting and marketing your own blog online.

    Don’t spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a web designer!

    Technology has gotten ALOT easier for people who don’t like computers but need to know how to use them (lol). With just a few clicks, you can easily install and manage your own website. Plus, when you know how to BLOG you can make money setting up blogs for other people!

    I Know WordPress Looks  Scary… but it’s not.

    You no longer have to be afraid of using WordPress or creating your own blog. Let me show you how easy it is for you to setup and manage your own blog. I have created over 30 how-to video tutorials designed to show you the following:

    Module #1 Using WordPress
    Module #2 Marketing Tips for Bloggers
    Module #3 Branding Your Business Via Your Blog
    Module #4 Social Media Marketing & Your Blog
    Module #5 Blogging for Profit

    Plus Bonus Material

    Bonus Module #6 Blogging Tips and Tools
    Bonus PHP Script My Banner Rotator Script
    3 Bonus eBooks Selling Adspace Online, Web Tools for Entrepreneurs, and Turning Your Niche into a Network

    Get Instant Access to the Blogging for Beginners Video Tutorials Online

    This Digital Bundle includes:

    • Access to 30+ Video Tutorials Viewable Online [High Speed Connection Required]
    • 7 Day eCourse: How to Create an Information Website for Profit
    • 3 eBooks for Blogging Beginners
    • Recommended Resources for Bloggers
    • My Banner Rotator PHP Script

    Price: $149 | Value: $349 | You Save: $200

    Click here to visit LaShanda Henry.

    Click here to get your blog videos: Get clicking in 2011!

    Blog on! Get your Social Media SWAG!

    Look out for the upcoming book: The  Swag of Social Media Marketing with Pam Perry, LaShanda Henry, Karen Taylor Bass, MelindaEmerson and Sylvia Hubbard in 2011!

    pam perrywww.pamperrypr.com

    Visit www.PamPerryOnlinePR.com for PR and marketing tools for authors!

    How to get Buzz for YOUR Christian Book

    Thursday, October 28th, 2010

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    What does RE-Branding Look Like for a Publicist? PR 2.0 Style

    Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

    Ten-Year-Old Public Relations Firm Reinvents to PR 2.0

    Ministry Marketing Solutions Chief Visionary, Pam Perry leads firm delivering Online Branding, Viral Videos, Digital Marketing, Virtual Assistance and More to Authors, Nonprofits and Entrepreneurs
    Pam Perry, PR Coach & Social Media Strategist  (www.pamperrypr.com)

    Pam Perry, PR Coach & Social Media Strategist (www.pamperrypr.com)


    PRLog (Press Release) –  Reinvention. Reposition. Rebranding. This is what Pam Perry, the chief visionary of the 10-year-old Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc has done.

    The award-winning PR coach has kicked the company into another gear by developing a full selection of social media services for authors, organizations and small businesses.

    “I want to position my clients to superstar success – like a rock star! The way to help them achieve major visibility, more credibility and high marketability is to leverage the internet and ‘crush it’ with social media marketing,” said Perry. “We have kicked it up a notch – and ready to rock and roll.”

    Perry and her virtual team at Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc. work with Sports & Entertainment Executives, like Max Siegel and business organizations like Michigan Minority Supplier Development and Detroit Black Expo plus coaches scores of best-selling authors.

    She is often called on to speak at conferences on marketing and social media from as far as San Juan, Puerto Rico to Houston. This October she will be one of the panelists at prestigious Blogalious Conference at the Ritz Carlton in Miami.

    One can Google Pam Perry and find online comments from clients raving about her creativity and connectivity. “Pam is a wonderful publicist! She worked her socks off to promote my book: How Strong Women Pray.  She knows the book industry, does creative things, and helps you to leverage your own contacts and assets. She also is on the cutting edge of using the internet to get people talking about you and your book,” said author Bonnie St. John.

    The MMS client was featured in Essence, Ebony and in O Magazine as well as premiere online media publications and on many broadcast stations.

    The Detroit Free Press called Perry  “a marketing whiz on an almost immortal mission.” Publishers Weekly called her a “PR Guru.” She is also an Emmy award-winning TV producer and internet radio host of Chocolate Pages where she has interviewed celebrities like Rev. Run, Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin and Demond Wilson.

    Her passion for networking and social media has led her to also produce and host two weekly online business shows: Diverse Business and Synergy Energy on Blogtalk radio. And she pens social media columns for Gospel Today and the Detroit Nonprofit Examiner.com and plus publishes numerous blogs and ezines on internet marketing.

    Perry’s public relations firm began to “rebrand” about five years ago when she started her first blog. Seeing the power in Web 2.0 technology, she now has personal “PR 2.0” network of tens of thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linkedin and Youtube.

    This allows her to get the messages out about  clients quickly, easily and more  inexpensively than traditional media methods. “Brand building is about being consistent and connecting with the right audience often – social media marketing allows this and we have been able to build powerful brand recognition for clients,” said Perry.

    The Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc. team provides clients with overall branding which includes blog site development, email marketing, article marketing, online videos, podcasting, social media management, PR coaching, virtual assistance, keyword research and other traffic building techniques.

    Perry understands how to build powerful brands and teaches the online secrets to her customers’ in short easy sessions that would normally take months to learn.  “Simplicity is the key, said Perry. “As a baby-boomer, I know that the internet can be scary because it changes so rapidly– but when I teach clients – I make it fun – and they learn to build their own online networks to reach their marketing results.”

    # # #

    Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc., founded in 2000, is an online branding and social media agency that provides services for best-selling authors, nonprofit organizations and entrepreneurs. For more information, www.ministrymarketingsolutions.com or call 248.426-2300.

    — end —     Visit Press Room

    Nine Tips For Using Twitter to Create a Buzz For Your Business (or book)

    Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

    I am often asked by small business owners and entrepreneurs if they should be using Twitter for their business. They seldom like my answer, mainly because I respond with a series of questions.


    “What is your goal for using social media?”
    “Who are you trying to reach?”
    “How much time are you willing to spend each day on social media?”
    “Do you want to use Twitter, or feel like you ‘should’ use Twitter?”
    “Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone and make a commitment?”

    Until these questions can be answered, Twitter and other social media sites would be a waste of time. Chances are, the business owner would get frustrated with the results because of unrealistic expectations, and give up, but not after spending countless hours online without a clear voice or message to promote about themselves or their business. Sometimes sending mixed signals is worse than being silent, and the same holds true when entering the world of social media.

    For businesses that are ready to make the commitment to social media, Twitter is a great tool for quickly sharing information, gathering real-time feedback and establishing relationships and building a buzz.

    A recent study by Chadwick Martin Bailey and Imoderate Technologies found 67 percent of Twitter followers are more likely to buy at least one brand since becoming a follower and 79 percent of followers are more likely to recommend at least one brand since becoming a follower.

    The study also found Twitter followers want to be “Brand Insiders,” with “to receive discounts and promotions” and “to be the first to know information about the brand” as the primary reasons they follow a brand on Twitter.

    Followers have shown their loyalty and willingness to spread the word about your business, so it makes sense they want to be rewarded for their support. Who doesn’t want to be considered an insider, receive preferential treatment or save money?

    Here are some tips for using Twitter to

    create a buzz for your business (or book):

    1. Offer inside scoops, special, discounts, coupons and other incentives exclusively to you followers
    2. Ask for help or ideas
    3. Solicit ideas or solutions to challenges
    4. Publish solutions, useful tips and fun facts
    5. Comment and retweet to recognize and acknowledge followers
    6. Answer tweets, but resist the urge to sell
    7. Participate in conversations
    8. Thank people for following
    9. Join Twitter chats to be seen as a leader in your field and learn from other experts

    Incorporating just a few of these tips will greatly increase the amount of buzz generated about your business. Just remember to be consistent and have patience. Most of all, be yourself and have fun.

    (c) 2010 Kristina Shands and Authentic Communications

    Kristina Shands is the owner of Authentic Communications, a communications and marketing firm specializing in telling stories that move people to action. Authentic Communications collaborates with small businesses and entrepreneurs to spark interest, create a buzz, build connections, increase loyalty and inspire action in order to attract new clients and increase visibility. Download a special report, “Six Questions to Develop Your Business Story (and set yourself apart from the crowd),” at http://authentic-communications.com. Contact Kristina at kristina@authentic-communications.com and follow her on Twitter (@authenticbuzz).

    Hear the new radio spot: http://synergyenergy.posterous.com/

    Join our Facebook page too! facebook.com/nationalchrstianwritersconference

    Harness the power of Facebook to sell more books

    Tuesday, June 8th, 2010
    pam perry facebook


    Social networking sites like Facebook are a terrific way to promote your book, but many authors don’t optimize their Facebook profile or venture beyond their profile. Here are six ways to effectively promote your book on Facebook:

    1. Take full advantage of the promotional opportunities on your Facebook Profile. Just below your photo is a small box where you can enter a concise description of what you do, including the title of your book.

    The About Me box (under Personal Information) is a good place to describe your book and your business. In the Contact Information section you can enter multiple website addresses. Post your book cover in your photo album or another application and display it in the left column of your profile.

    Remember, your Facebook profile must be registered in your real name. If you create a profile for your book or business, you risk having your account canceled.

    2. Facebook Fan Pages are similar to personal profiles, but they are created for business use. You can create a page to promote your book or your business, or even create a page for one of the characters in your novel. People join a page by becoming a fan.

    You may want to offer an incentive to join (or at least visit) your fan page, such as a free download, a coupon for one of your products, or a contest. Another way to attract fans is to set your page up as an information hub, offering links and resources.

    3. Facebook Groups are a great place to meet people who share your interests and find new friends. Search for groups by entering keywords in the Search box at the top of the page and then clicking on the Groups tab. You can gain visibility on a group page by introducing yourself on the wall, participating in discussions, and posting your book cover, photos or videos.

    Forming your own group is another good way to subtly promote your book. Be sure to encourage discussions and offer valuable information such as free downloads and links to resources. You can send direct messages the entire group.

    4. Joining relevant Facebook Events is a good way to get visibility by writing on the event wall and posting photos. In addition, you can subtly promote your book and yourself by promoting your own live or virtual events through a Facebook event.

    5. Facebook displays pay-per-click ads on most pages on the site, and ads can be targeted by age, gender, location, education level, relationship status, or keywords in people’s profiles.

    6. The Facebook Marketplace is a free classified advertising area where you can post a listing to sell your book. It’s worth an experiment if you have a book on a topic that someone might search for on a classified advertising site.

    Dana Lynn Smith is a book marketing coach and author of The Savvy Book Marketer Guides. For in-depth information on how to promote your book through Facebook, see the Facebook Guide for Authors at http:bit.ly/facebookforauthors.

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dana_Lynn_Smith

    pam perry


    Max Siegel – The Premiere Brand Master – in ministry, sports & entertainment

    Sunday, June 6th, 2010

    This  is a must read for those serious about business today. I know Max and I highly recommend this book!

    Book Description

    Max Siegel started with none of the obvious advantages, yet again and again he built mutually beneficial partnerships—with peers, mentors, supervisors, and industry leaders—that took him to the heights of professional and personal achievement. He’s managed some of the world’s top recording artists, ballplayers, and race-car drivers, and helped run some of the top organizations in sports and entertainment. He’s grown fragmented niche markets into bestselling audiences by tapping into the universal hopes and passions that bring people together. Now he travels the country giving motivational speeches and inspiring professionals of all kinds, sharing his method for connecting with people, whatever their differences.

    The secret, Siegel says, is to know what makes others tick. For some, it’s financial security; for others, it’s respect, devotion to family, a creative calling, or a vision of a better world. He shows how to encourage people to share these hidden, all-important motivations, and how to partner with them in the most powerful way there is: by finding the overlap between their goals and yours, so that together you can realize the dreams that make you tick.

    The nine universal rules outlined in Know What Makes Them Tick include:

    See Where You Want to Be, Not Where You Are

    Find Your Ambassadors

    Show What’s in It for Them

    Readers will learn practical strategies for negotiating the challenges in every part of life, whether motivating colleagues to be more productive, finding a market for their product, uniting a divided family, or building a life of satisfaction in an unpredictable world. It’s an eye-opening guide to a unique and powerful approach that anyone can use.

    Author Extras

    Know What Makes Them Tick: How to Successfully Negotiate Almost Any  Situation

    Editorial Reviews

    From Publishers Weekly

    Siegel, CEO of a sports and music media platform company, shares nine principles for personal and professional advancement centered on figuring out what makes someone else “tick,” what motivates them, and what they value, need, and want. To really succeed at negotiation, according to Siegal, it is necessary to determine how the other players define success. This principle lays the foundation for his subsequent maxims-appreciating coworkers and competitors, using your outsider advantage, and “gathering your inner circle.” By peppering each tip with multiple stories from his long and varied career and challenging personal life, Siegel follows through on his eighth rule-remember who you are and how you got to where you are. He freely admits his mistakes and pulls no punches in this lucid and very readable guide to winning at home and at work.
    Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.


    “Siegel shows us how to successfully navigate situations that may arise at work, in the home, or in personal relationships. More, he shows how, if the cards are played right, everyone walks away a winner–an empowering feeling if ever there was one.” (Chris Gardner, author of The Pursuit of Happyness and Start Where You Are )

    “Max Siegel was part of the inner circle that helped to shape our careers. . . For anyone who’s ever wished for a Siegel to represent him or her, it’s all right here in Know What Makes Them Tick.” (Tony Gwynn, Eight-time National League Batting Champion, Baseball Hall of Fame; and Alicia Gwynn, Philanthropist )

    “Who is this book for? Anyone who wants to make a difference.” (Bob Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television, chairman of The RLJ Companies, and owner of the Charlotte Bobcats )

    “When Max speaks, people listen … and when Max writes, people read and learn. If you want to grow both personally and professionally, then join the winners and leaders who find wisdom with Max Siegel. (Chuck Wielgus, CEO of USA Swimming )

    “Working with Max closely for over a decade, I have benefited personally from the treasures in this book–and I am a walking testimony to its real-life benefits.” (Kirk Franklin, Seven-Time Grammy Award Winner )

    “In a world of constant distraction and pointless conflicts, Know What Makes Them Tick shows you how to find the clarity to pursue the vision that matters most, and to share that vision with those who can help make it a reality.” (Ken Mok, television producer, America’s Next Top Model )

    Is your ministry reaching its full potential? Contact Max Siegel Inc. for info on our Ministry Consulting Services. See Max on Facebook. Follow him on twitter @max_siegel

    Top 7 Book Promotion Methods for Your Nonfiction Book

    Monday, May 10th, 2010
    There are two things every author must know about book promotion for your nonfiction book. First, it is your responsibility, no matter what publishing method you use – conventional, print on demand (POD), or self-publishing.
    Second, promotion should begin long before your book is finished. In fact, you should be thinking about it from the very beginning of the planning process.

    One of the first questions you should ask yourself is who are my readers? Once you have identified your target market, your next step is to find ways to tell them what the book is about; what problem it will solve; why it is funny, informative, or moving; who wrote it and why; and, most important, why they want to spend money to own your book. What follows are seven proven book promotion ways to reach your readers with this information:

    1. Create a website for your book.

    You must have a presence on the Internet for solid book promotion and book marketing. A Website showcases your book, highlights the cover, introduces you as an expert author, delineates the main points, tells where the book may be purchased, and provides a place for testimonials. A Website doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate, but it should be professionally designed and constructed. Unless you are a Web guru, invest in a professional Website designer.

    2. Brainstorm ideas for book promotion and book marketing.

    Gather a group of your most creative friends to generate as many ideas as you can (It’s a good idea to feed them). Break your reading audience into subgroups, and list all the places to find them. Where do they hang out? What organizations do they belong to? Where do they shop? What are their passions, hobbies, and vocations? The spreadsheet you create is the beginning of your promotional plan.

    3. Send advance readers’ copies (ARCs) to promote your book.

    When the book is finished but not yet published, send bound copies of Galley proofs to book reviewers at print and electronic media. Be sure to stamp them “Reader’s Copy” or “Galley Proof.” You want to time the reviews to coincide with the publication and availability of your book. Reviewers want to read it before it hits the shelves. Timing is everything. Ministry Marketing Solutions can help with this.

    4. Submit articles to promote your book.

    Your book is a goldmine of article ideas. Every major point is an article ready to be excerpted or paraphrased. Once you know what your target audience is reading, you have a list of potential publications, print and electronic. Write a 25- and 50-word author’s blurb to be printed at the end of every article. When you submit to an online article Website, indicate that the article may be reprinted at no charge, as long as it includes the author’s blurb.

    5. Take part in book fairs as a great book promotion tool.

    Share a table or booth with other writers or with members of an association of which you are a member, if it is relevant to your topic. Book fairs can mean long hours on your feet if you go it alone; but, when you share the workload, the experience can be fun and rewarding. You’ll meet new people, reach readers directly, and become personally involved in selling your book.

    6. Share what you know to become an expert in your field.

    Offer to give free presentations at bookstores and other venues that carry your book. This is a great way to build your reputation as an expert in your field, provide value to the bookseller and the book buyer, and connect directly with your readers. It’s good for your ego to be asked to sign your own book. One caveat: if you don’t feel comfortable speaking in front of a group, join Toastmasters or hire a speaking coach. Don’t muddle through your presentation.

    7. Assemble a book sales package.

    (see http://pamperry.posterous.com for an instant press kit package)

    Put together a press kit to send to local radio and TV stations. Include a news release with pertinent information about the book and future scheduled appearances, an author’s bio, talking points to use in an on-air interview, a sample book cover, background information, and favorable reviews and testimonials. A press kit is like a resume; it gets you in the door. Once you get there, the rest is up to you.

    Promoting your book is an ongoing project. It isn’t something you do once and then move on. As long as your book is available and there are potential readers who could enjoy it and benefit from reading it, you have a job to do. This is, after all, why you wrote it.

    For more guidance and direction on marketing your book from me, go to:

    The Social Media Boot Camp

    Monday, April 19th, 2010

    Social Media Got you Stumped?

    Or are you Overwhelmed?
    Get private, one-on-one
    Training & I’ll take you by
    the hand and go beyond basics!

    Social Media Training LIVE!

    Three one-hour private

    online screen sharing sessions for $500

    We can equip you to:
    1. Set-up an engaging blog at blogger.com
    2. Create your own podcast and launch it online & get “A” list guests for your show or teleseminars
    3. Produce your own video for youtube posting – one that will show you in the best light at light or no cost!
    4. Attract, engage followers, friends and fans on twitter facebook, linkedin or other Social Media sites & CONVERT them into customers and clients
    5. Show you how to set-up and distribute your own e-newletters with Aweber or Constant Contact templates and use Autoresponders
    6. Give you resources, teach you shortcuts, and walk you through all of the steps to launching a major Social Media Marketing campaign

    7. Finally, get a Strategic Action Plan so you won’t be overwhelmed. I’ll give you a template of what to do daily, weekly and monthly – and how to automate most of your social networking!!!

    See article where I was interviewed by
    BlackEnterprise.com about Social Media on


    P.S. BONUS!!! Register by Monday, April 25 and get a bonus ebook & 2 mp3s on How to Make Money Online! ($197 value)

    Pam Perry, PR Coach & Social Media Expert
    Read the blog, become a fan on face book, follow me on Twitter.

    Social Media: The New Currency – BLACK ENTERPRISE

    Social Media Expert Badge of Pam Perry, PR Coach

    Monday, March 29th, 2010


    Who are YOU following and what have you learned?

    Have YOU let them know? Rave about them to others!


    Publicity Tips

    Thursday, March 25th, 2010

    pam perry pr

    1. The easiest way to get publicity is to find out what a producer/editor wants and give it to them.
    2. How much publicity can you get?  $100,000 a month at least. It’s simple but you have to follow a lot of steps.  It snowballs…then people come knocking at your door.
    3. Start with “grass roots” and build out. Try out the smaller stations/newspapers first.
    4. There are some companies that you pay for performances not promises.  (Guarantees are what people want).
    5. People can pay for interviews secured.  People can pay $2,000 to $10,000 a month.
    6. It’s never to early to get started with your publicity campaign.  90 days is not too early.  You can get pre-orders and you can plug your website.  You can do seminars.
    7. Give away books to get publicity.
    8. THE BASICS. Need: Media kit (A folder with the pasted cover of the book on it. Then a press/media release, bio, testimonials, GOOD photographs). The media know that you’re a professional if you have this.
    9. Optimize them so people can find it high on Google.  PRWEB.com is a good one and ChristianPRGroup.com

    10. Write a column for a local paper for free in exchange for a plug for your book.

    11. People are always looking for more content.  (Newspapers and broadcast) – so send out a newsletter to the media, send postcards, send emails.

    12. Build Relationships with the media…and other book clubs.

    13. Do Teleseminars or regular seminars – this establishes you as an expert.

    14. Internet Marketing (www.BlackGospelPromo.com) is the best!

    15. Blogs…high in search engines and comment on B. (Like an online diary) See http://www.ministrymarketingsolutionsblog.com

    Courtesy of Ministry Marketing Solutions

    Pam Perry, 248.426-2300



    Ministry Marketing with Pam Perry teaching internet marketing and online buzz

    Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

    Online Marketing for Ministries and Christian Authors
    Also visit: bit.ly/ministryvideos

    Ministry Marketing Strategies Online!

    Monday, December 7th, 2009

    Church Marketing Strategies For The Body of Christ by guest blogger Theresa Croft

    Church marketing for your corporate body of believers involves implementing strategic marketing to help fulfill the Great Commission of reaching out to save the lost. The church marketing plan discussed here is NOT about developing fancy flashy material, or expensive advertising campaigns with a “fast talking” preacher-salesman mindset. It is about using sound marketing principles and applying them to your church as you fulfill God’s call.

    In fact, church evangelism and basic marketing have some of the same purposes. It’s to get the “word out”, to make others aware of a service or product offered to potential clients (or members for the churches), and to motivate them to “buy” or take part.

    A preacher or evangelists already has some great skills of selling. Instead of making a deal for a product, they are attempting to “close the prospect” in accepting Jesus as their Savior!

    Hence, ministry marketing is put into place to reach out and attract the lost for salvation first, and then to teach and train them to play a vital role in your church’s vision to impact the world.

    This church marketing plan involves accomplishing what Jesus said in Mathew 28:19-20:
    “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the sonand of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you….”

    So where do you start your own church marketing?
    Clarify Your Vision
    Identify what you believe is your church’s vision or destiny. What part are you going to play in making disciples? Is your focus on the homeless on your city streets or the rich and famous?

    Define and Write Down The Marketing Plan
    Church marketing planning will help connect you to your desired goal and destiny for your body of believers. Having a written ministry marketing plan will put you in the top 5% of ministry marketers, according to Chris Forbes, the “Ministry Marketing Coach.”Write out the goals and make a time table to accomplish them in one year to 18 months. Praying and asking for a “God-inspired” ministry marketing principle or a marketing anointing is a great place to start.

    Find Your Focus Group

    Focus on the “WHO” you want your specific church marketing to reach. You have to know who you will be talking to, in order to effectively communicate and speak to their needs.

    For example, in my days of working at the Christian radio station, we knew based on Arbitron ratings and other studies, that are main listening audience base consisted of women in a certain age bracket. So we aimed our promotions and ministry marketing focus to reach out and help that particular group. When I was on the air, I knew I was mostly talking to this targeted group of women, so I spoke in a way where I tried to minister to their specific needs and concerns.

    So take the time to write down characteristics, demographics and any information you can to identify your target group. Study and learn as many things as you can about them. As you get to know your target audience more and more, you will be able to connect and communicate to the people you want to reach.

    Branding is what differentiates you from other ministries. Sometimes the religion of your church is what creates a branding. Non-denominational churches don’t have this as much as say, a Baptist or Catholic church.

    So branding is not about trying to get your focus group to choose your ministry over another, but to show them you have a definite solution to their need.

    For example, I used to go to a church where people who ride Harley Davidson Motorcycles were accepted without a blink of an eye. Any given Sunday, you’d see many come through the church doors with their leathers on and some with their black Tee-shirts saying, “These ARE my Church clothes”. This is a good example of how branding can attract the kind of people of which you desire to teach and minister.

    When you have a good branding in your marketing approach, you know your message is clear, you have established credibility, and you have found a way to emotionally connect with your target audience. The result is a motivated group of people who are loyal and want to help you to accomplish your vision.
    It’s interesting to note that the branding of your ministry often resides within the hearts and minds of your church members. It is the sum total of their experiences and perceptions, some of which you can influence.

    Promotion and Using Video Ministry

    Your church marketing plan obviously will have an element of promotion in it. But I am not referring to the kind of promotion that costs a great deal of money, such as advertising and expensive billboards. You can promote through learning to write news releases and sending them regularly to your local media outlets. Get the word out through Community Calenders, Public Service Announcements which many Christian Radio Stations offer, and local involvement in areas where your target audience is likely to be found.

    Back to the example of a targeted group that includes Harley Riders, or Bikers. Find out when they have their regular rides, meetings and special events. You can find ways to use these events to connect with them. Have a special “Biker’s Sunday” to invite more motorcycle riders to your church.

    One key element in this promotional part of Church marketing is a website. Having a professional website is a must in a church marketing plan in today’s fast pace world of technology. Almost everyone is on line. The audience you can reach there is incredible!

    But let’s make one thing clear. It’s not just about having a website for the sake of saying you have one! It must be professional and exemplify excellence in all facets. Having a fancy web site with blinking animations and scrolling text is NOT what I mean.

    Content is what keeps keeps people coming back and new people finding you on line. Write great content to meet the needs of your church body and your target group. Tell them not just what’s happening at the church, but what is going on in heart of your pastor, worship leader or youth pastor. Ultimately they are desiring that you speak life into their daily challenges with words of hope and instruction from the Word.

    Powerful testimonies of what God is doing in Church members lives should be featured and updated often. Testimonies will do more to “sell” the benefits of your ministry than anything else. Create a section in your website where you get members to speak into a camera and testify. This is one ministry marketing strategy that hits a “home run” every time.

    This leads me to one passion I have in using video ministry and multimedia tools. We live in a media saturated world. According to comScore, 75% of Internet users watched online video in May 2007, averaging 158 minutes per viewer. Nearly 8.4 billion videos were streamed online in the month of May. That’s a lot. And it’s increasing day by day.

    I started a Video Production Company a few years ago to help churches and ministries use video to promote themselves and to use on the front page of their website. I have also worked with Christian schools producing powerful video marketing promotional tools. You can check one I did recently by clicking here. I can think of no better way to illustrate this type of Promotional Video tool that can help in your branding and marketing than to show it to you….ON VIDEO. This is one of my favorite ways to help with ministry marketing.

    Traffic Plan For Ministry
    Soon to be released, Ministry Marketing Productions will present the Book, “Ministry Marketing Strategies For Today’s Christian Ministries”.
    Check out a preview with this video:
    Ministry Marketing Video Series Teaching The Power Of Social Media (Part 1)
    We’d love to provide more information to help you in marketing and information concerning the latest online strategies.

    Video is proving to be a key element in any market plan. Why not take advantage of it. You don’t have to be a “YouTube” channel, but you can provide powerful videos on your church website or on your own church’s video channel!

    Click here to return to Ministry-Marketing-Strategies HOME Page.


    Want More Publicity? Need social media mentoring?

    Monday, October 26th, 2009

    Missed the Social Media Boot Camp?
    Well, you can get the digital product..

    PR Boot Camp ONLINE – PR 2.0

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    * Understanding the mindset of journalists and
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    * Five proven ways to create a compelling publicity
    “hook” or angle.

    * How to get other people to promote your book,
    products and services.

    * What you should never wear on a TV show.
    * Some simple non-publicity strategies you can use to
    get the word out.

    * Book not out yet?  You’ll learn some tricks for how
    to structure your book so it’ll be a whole lot easier
    to get publicity and promotional exposure.

    * Three keys to maximizing sales from on-air interviews.
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    pr boot camp

    How to Brand YOUR Book. Help is here

    Sunday, September 27th, 2009

    The “new” economy is online – learn how to work it!
    synergy energy pam perry

    Detroit, Mich. (September 2009) —  In this challenging economy, people have noticed the world is quickly changing from the industrial to the technical industry. This means people are moving from manufacturing work, which was popular throughout 1990’s, to the ever-growing world of the internet.

    Why? Because the internet is the largest market place in the world, with billions of buyers and sellers all coming together to exchange goods and services for cold-hard cash. And, if you’re not capitalizing on the internet…you will be left behind!

    People are earning from hundred to thousands of dollars a month via the web – using automated systems. “The money is NOT automatic, but if your system is automated – the money will come. It takes time to get there but once the you know what you’re doing online and your systems are in place it can happen,” said Detroiter Ralph Claxton, who is the founder of Tech Club CPR (www.techclubcpr.com),  an internet coaching and training organization located online.

    Claxton’s Michigan partner, Pam Perry, of Farmington, is the chief visionary of Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc.  She is a publicist turned social media marketing expert.  The two met online early this year via a mutual twitter friend and have been tweeting, blogging and podcasting ever since.

    Claxton and Perry spent thousands of dollars on internet training over the past few years. They each clunked down almost $20,000 in live seminars, online courses, books, teleseminars, e-courses, home study courses and personal coaching from the “masters” of internet marketing.

    Now, the two internet marketing mavens have come together to help other entrepreneurs and authors make money online – without spending an arm and leg.

    On Saturday, October 17 from 10 am-4pm (Sweetest Day in Michigan), The Tech Club CPR will host a sweet deal for those who are serious about making money online leveraging social media.

    Authors, entrepreneurs or those just looking for an additional revenue stream can come to the “boot camp” at the Courtyard Livonia, 17200 N Laurel Park Drive in Livonia, Michigan near Laurel Park Mall.

    “Because we get calls all the time from people who want to learn how we do what we do, we wanted to share our resources, experiences and give them an up-close and personal event to show what we do behind the scenes. Our mission is to help people crack the internet code,” said Perry.

    The Tech CPR Boot Campis basic training for people who are comfortable with the internet but find it hard to really leverage it to make money online, brand themselves and keep up with all the new social media tools. “If you can log on, browse, click, drag and drop online, we can help you get to the next level,” said Claxton.

    Claxton and Perry will provide hands-on internet training so that everyone will leave with knowledge of how to play the game of Social Networking.

    Those who attend the Tech Club CPR will discover….
    ·        How to master every technique needed to become an advanced internet marketing money-making machine.
    ·        All the tricks, tips, and secret techniques used to easily navigate the internet like a pro.
    ·        How to use Social Networking to earn a hefty income with popular sites such as Twitter and Facebook.
    ·        How to build a stable online business just by following along with a few video tutorials.
    ·        How to Use YouTube, Google, Ning and other sources to increase traffic to your blogs or affiliate links
    ·        How to Utilize CPA networks, Clickbank, Commission-Junction and E-Junkie to maximum effect

    This Boot Camp is different from others because people will get personal attention that will cater to those from beginner to the advanced level. “Without all the techno-speak,” added Perry.

    “All the other courses were too techy and made me feel intimidated. We won’t do. I personally want to help people avoid costly mistakes I made when attending over-priced seminars that left me with more questions than answers.  Me and Ralph want everyone to leave our boot camp ready to go get paid without having had to pay an arm and a leg.”

    Added Claxton, “the last event we did in Farmington Hills,  people walked away feeling empowered. They had their ‘aha’ moments – and we still get tons of testimonials,” said Claxton.

    To see the videos of some of the testimonials and more details, go to: www.TechClubCPR.com.

    For more information on early bird registration for the boot camp event on Sat, Oct. 17, go to Tech Club CPR website or contact Pam Perry via info(at)ministrymarketingsolutions.com.

    Brand YOUR Best Life!

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    Develop and refine your ideas…make a plan. You have great ideas. Some are easy to put into practice and others need refinement. I have a working knowledge of hundreds of PR strategies and marketing know-hows to adapt to your book.  Come away with a workable plan that fits your schedule and budget!

    Share a wealth of PR strategies and secrets. When you’ve just “run out of ideas” on how to market and sell your book, I will educate you in the industry and PR principles you’ll use to get results.

    Provide you with the contacts you need. When you need contacts or resources for the marketing of your book, I have an extensive network of media and publishing industry contacts and know where to find the information.

    Give you perspective from the outside looking in. It’s possible to lose the ability to “see the forest for the trees” once your book is published and ready for sale. I am there to take a fresh look, knowing what to look for, seeing the market potential and providing you the accurate, frank and honest feedback that you need to be a success.

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    8 Points Online Marketing Plan for Authors

    Friday, August 28th, 2009
    book promotion with pam perry

    book promotion with pam perry

    This is from my PR friend and colleague, Dee Stewart. We were both participants in SORMAG’s online conference.  This is her “discussion” from the conference on the SORMAG blog.

    I want to talk to you about a specialized marketing form that has fast become the choice for publishing houses, online marketing.

    If you are an author with a contract, then you know most midlist authors and below are no longer receiving marketing support by way of product placement, instore events, book tours, and book promo items.

    Instead publishing houses are devoting a bulk of the author’s designated marketing dollars to online campaigns. And since I’ve talked about book marketing plans all year, I decided to switch the game up.

    I want to help you create an online marketing campaign that will help you meet and galvanize your ideal readers.

    Imagine as an author your day consists of writing great stories you know your readers will love, then meeting these readers to fellowship with you about your story and why they love them. Isn’t that a sweet dream? In life coaching terms we call that place- operating in your sweet spot.

    Online Marketing—if you plan your efforts well—is the best tool to get you to that sweet spot faster than any other opportunity out there. It is why your publishing houses are using it, as well as the face that it is a more affordable alternative to traditional advertising.

    Today’s session I will share basic online marketing planning tips, techniques and tricks to help you galvanize your readership. If you have further questions, you can leave a comment at the end of the post or email me at deegospelpr at gmail dot com.

    Let’s begin by defining Online Marketing.

    Marketing– is a practiced science, the ongoing process to identify, anticipate, supply and satisfy your ideal client.

    Book Marketing is the ongoing processes to identify, anticipate, supply and satisfy your ideal clients( readers, your distributors, your publishing house, bookstores.)

    Online Book Marketing: is the ongoing processes to identify, anticipate, supply and satisfy your ideal client by using online tools. It is an extension of your overall book marketing campaign.

    Let me repeat: Online Book Marketing is an extension of your overall book marketing toolbox. Do not stop your other marketing efforts!

    Now I will introduce you to seven basic online marketing tools and how to prepare a strategy to use them.

    The 8 Point Online Marketing Toolbox

    1. Email Marketing
    2. Blogging, including Podcasting, Vlogging & Microblogging
    3. Social Media Design
    4. Forum Building
    5. Online Advertising
    6. Online PR
    7. Social Bookmarking

    A more detailed look:

    Email Marketing: Email marketing is a public relations, customer relations management, direct mailing Trifecta (PR/CRM/DM.) You can participate in three marketing processes at once. What’s very good about email marketing is that your direct mailing efforts have a better return on investment(ROI) when you couple it with a client connection piece—consistent, compelling and strategic email placements to your ideal readers.

    Blogging: Online Journaling (blogging) Many authors blog to share their writing life with their readers. Blogging can be used for various reasons:

    · To serve as an online hub for your fanbase
    · To serve as your newsletter content builder
    · To promote your next event
    · To attract event planners and bookclubs
    · To serve as an online bookstore
    · To serve as an online press room
    · To attract agents and editors
    · To create another source of writing revenue
    · To host an online blogtour
    · To podcast your book
    · To videocast(vlog) your book

    The key to blogging is commitment, consistence and content. Join me in September for 30 Days to Build a Better Book Blog at http://www.christianfiction.blogspot.com

    Social Media Design: Despite the contrary authors should have a strategy and design in place when you are online. This design consists of scheduling, tooling, and driving readers from event to event. Tools like brightkite, eventbrite, igoogle, ping.fm, and squidoo helps you create almost an online (ro)bot of you, whereby you are promoting yourself 24-7 streaming and responding to your ideal readers and clients in real time. The top social media building blocks for authors are:

    · Twitter
    · Facebook
    · Amazon Author Pages
    · Eventbrite
    · BrightKite
    · Skype
    · FriendFeed
    · LiveStream
    · YouTube
    · BlogTalkRadio
    · TalkShoe
    · MySpace
    · GoodReads
    · LibraryThing
    · Flickr

    Forum Building: Fan bases grow exponentially when they form a community. The Twilight Moms Club on Mommy Blogger is a huge community that talks about the series, meet regularly and host charity events. If you’re operating in your sweet spot your fans will come together and create a fun and exciting community for you as well. The best way to do that is through forum building. Couple your email campaign with a forum to continue conversations in and you have a winning combination. A great example of a blog that created a community with a forum is Faith*in*Fiction. Bethany House Editor David Long created the blog to start a conversation about compelling Christian novels. It is the catalyst for The Christian Fiction Blog Alliance, Relief Journal, First Wildcard Blog Tours, and over 150 Christian book review blogs.

    The top forum building sites for authors are:

    · Ning
    · Facebook Groups
    · Twitter Groups
    · GoodReads Groups
    · Utterli Groups
    · MySpace Book Groups
    · Shelfari Groups
    · YahooGroups
    · Blogger Fan Groups

    Online Advertising – paid for placement. Examples of book ads are (ads in print & online publications, radio, internet or network television, blogs, etc.) Its goal is immediate promotional impact and short lived. It’s results can be measured via survey, tracking backlinks and sneeze page hits. It is the most expensive form of marketing. When you create your plan it is imperative to use online ads to promote your next event or next title, and most effective when creating and implementing book launch strategy. Where can you find online advertise placements?

    · Online Mags like SORMAG
    · Blogs like Christian Fiction Blog
    · You can submit ads/drops to online radio shows like Media Candy www.blogtalkradio.com/mediacandy
    · Social Media Sites like Facebook Ads
    · Internet TV Shows like Faithful Folios on LiveStream
    · Eblast services like GoodGirlBookClub. Make sure to include in your plan to purchase eblast service from a local service, a genre specific service, a national magazine.
    · Link Ads in online newsletters like Dee’s Goody Mail
    · Book Trailers on DeeGospel on YouTube
    · Sponsoring online events like SORMAG Online Conference
    · Paying for a Blog Tour through Ty Moody Creations
    · Ad placements on Literary Sites like Booktour.com

    Online Public Relations & CRM – the activity to create opportunities to build relationships with your readers gatekeepers and to promote your service, product and brand. It is not a guaranteed sale, cannot be measured short-term, but affects are longer and more lasting than advertising. Customer Relations Management (CRM) is tied to PR, because PR also handles crisis management and customer feedback and retention. Online PR & CRM activities are:

    Online Book Tours like CFBA
    Online Audio Interviews like From Cover to Cover Literary Talk Show
    Online Book club meetings using SKYPE or Mogalus
    Book review placements on Christian Fiction Blog or RAWSISTAZ
    Online mag interview opps like Victorious Living
    Radio opps like Ella Curry’s BAN
    Speaking opps like Nia Promotions’ Online Teleseminars
    Online Parties via Twitter and Facebook and BrightKite

    Social BookMarking– social bookmarking is a referral activity for bloggers. Blog readers find a great service or read and the refer what they like through social bookmarking sites like:

    · Dig
    · Mahalo
    · StumbledUpon
    · Delicious
    · Librarything
    · Facebook
    · BookTour

    Become very familiar with this tool and implore your readers to do the same.

    Direct Selling – your website or blog is the lifeblood of your online presence. Moreover you can create a buyer’s page to navigate readers to direct selling. It is best practice to provide your local booksense tour, an online bookstore and an affiliate link with either Amazon, Borders or Faithpoint. To be able to watch the activity from your site setup a google analytics account and put the code inside or have your website designer place the code and provide monthly reports about your site’s activity. On that site make sure you have both audio and visual components of who you are and your book, preferably, you the author.

    In short, let me share what these services should do for you. Online Marketing – is not the same as CRM, although social networking is a tool for both CRM, publicity, advertising, direct sales, and direct mailing. Online Marketing is using the 4ps of marketing process online.

    Identify readers with online research using SMS, bookmarking, blogging, podcasting, polling.

    Anticipating reader needs via polling, forum building, e-newsletter campaign strategy
    Supply readers by introducing your answer to their wants and needs by creating an effective product launch strategy using online hubs, blogs and supplying online snippets in audio, video and print forms via viral sms like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Viddler, YouTube, UStream, Skype, Utterz

    Satisfy readers by enabling your book e-reader capable with ebooks and sony reader and Kindle Ready.

    Dee Stewart is a writing diva mother, publicist, inspirational book reviewer for Romantic Times Magazine, Atlanta Satellite Bookseller for Mocha Readers Bookstores, and owner of Christian Fiction Blog(www.christianfiction.blogspot.com) and The Christian Fiction Network(christianfiction.ning.com). Her writings have appeared in: Spirit Led Woman, Gospel Today, Good Girl Book Club, The Dabbling Mum, Atlanta Christian Family, Mosaic Literary, Precious Times, Vertical Fix just a few. She will be featured in SistahFaith Anthology(Simon & Schuster, Feb. 2010.) Follow her on Twitter at @DeeGospel. Or visit my site at http://www.deestewart.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/dee.stewart

    “This fall I will be hosting a six week Media Candy book marketing session for a very affordable rate. Let me know if you are interested in more details. Also in the fall my site www.deegospelpr.com will become a membership site, whereby you can download free reports, ebooks, tip sheets, bookclub contact info, participate in some of my free teleseminars, podcasts receive discounts for group coaching and marketing products, literary agents accepting submissions, book festival panel speaking opps, an invitation to apply to become a speaker’s bureau member, and much more more for a low fee of $25 a month.

    Also see: www.e-junkie.com/pamperry for FREE Ebook & PR materials (cds, books, etc)

    Postcards and Bookmarks as Marketing Pieces

    Thursday, August 20th, 2009

    I was a guest on Yvonne Perry’s podcast, and I just love her blog. She is a great PR colleague and resource.

    Here she writes about marketing promo pieces! Yaay!


    Postcards and bookmarks are a handy tool for giving people information about your book using as few words as possible. They may be used as handouts at speaking engagements and book signings, or as giveaways with the purchase of your book. You can include one in the correspondence you have with clients, friends, or co-workers. I have even enclosed them with my bill payment. After all, someone has to open the envelope to log in your payment, which means a connection with a potential reader.

    As a marketing piece for a book, the postcard or bookmark should have these items:

    · Your book cover photo
    · Book title
    · Author’s name
    · Very brief book synopsis
    · URL to purchase

    If you have enough space in the layout, you can add an endorsement from a celebrity (if you were fortunate enough to garner such an endorsement), or someone who is well-known as an expert in the topic of your book. If you don’t have an endorsement that carries clout, pull something from your best book review and use it as an excerpt. Be sure to give credit to the person who gave you the endorsement or wrote your book review.

    Once you’ve got an idea of what you want to include on the bookmark or postcard, you’ll need to find someone to design and print them for you. If you design them yourself, you can take them to Kinko’s or your local printer. Call first to get their upload specifications. Some will accept an MS Word document, but others prefer a PDF and will charge an extra fee to open a Word document.

    There are plenty of companies online that can design and print the cards at an affordable price. I’ve made a list of places to get the bookmarks or postcards printed. This came from a social networking site where several folks chimed in.

    One person was very pleased with the results when they used http://www.48hourprint.com/ and stated that she found their prices to be the most reasonable; they shipped quickly and the quality was very good.

    http://www.earthlycharms.com/ has author-related items. They also have stickers that read Autographed Copy, Local Author, or Award Winning Author.

    I’ve personally used http://www.vistaprint.com/ for business cards, postcards, tee-shirts, and check printing. Use their designs or upload your logo to create your own design. This company offers several other promotional items free with purchase. I’ve been pleased with the quality of their products and their customer service.

    PS Print http://www.psprint.com/ has several promotional items as well as postcards. Even though I haven’t used this company, others in my network report they have quality service and reasonable pricing. A bulk of 500 color 4” x 6” postcard run about $0.08. This company also provides mailing services.

    http://www.gotprint.com/ for full color, high gloss products such as bookmarks, postcards, business cards, and brochures. Their work is outstanding and the shipping price is low.

    Yvonne Perry, is the owner of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services—a team of highly qualified writers and editors with many years of experience in writing for articles, books, ad copy, media releases, PR kits, Web text, biographical sketches, and newsletters. Editing, proofreading, book review, and book evaluation services offered individually and as packages. Find us online at http://www.writersinthesky.com

    Follow WITS on Twitter:

    Get more FREE info at www.e-junkie.com/pamperry

    Learn How to Market Yourself Like A Media Pro with BE THE MEDIA

    Sunday, July 12th, 2009

    Renowned media consultant and author David Mathison has assembled a who’s who of new media experts and compiled this essential guide to the “personal media renaissance.”

    Until recently, publishing books, music and film required years of education and the expensive assistance of publishers, labels, studios, distributors and lawyers.

    Today, artists can leverage low-cost tools and new methods of distribution to connect with their audience directly, and keep more of their royalties and rights.

    This book covers everything from how to blog and podcast to the ins-and-outs of social networking and internet syndication. Specific chapters help authors, musicians, filmmakers, and journalists.

    Buy BE THE MEDIA right now, and you’ll gain access to the “Blockbuster Media Success” package with $10,000 in BONUS GIFTS provided by over 100 media experts:


    Also see www.e-junkie.com/pamperry for PR products

    American Christian Writers Meeting Info & 20 Books to Help You Market Your Book!

    Sunday, May 17th, 2009

    Web 2.0 Recommended Reading List

    1. Taking Your Business To the Next Level: An Essential Step-By-Step Success Plan for Small Business by Frances McGuckin

    2. How to Be an Entrepreneur and Keep Your Sanity: The African-American Handbook & Guide to Owning, Building, and Maintaining Successfully Your Own Small Business by Paula McCoy Pinderhughes

    3. Complete Publicity Plans: Create Publicity That Will Spark Media Exposure and Excitement by Sandra Beckwith

    4. Branding for Dummies: Discover a Dynamic System for Brand-creation & Management by Bill Chiaravelle and Barbara Findlay Schenck

    5. The Brand YU Life: Re-Thinking Who You Are Through Personal Brand Management by Hajj E. Flemings

    6. The New Influencers: A Marketer’s Guide to the New Social Media by Paul Gillin

    7. The E Code: 34 Internet Superstars Reveal 44 Ways to Make Money Online Almost Instantly – Using Only Email! By Joe Vitale and Jo Han Mok

    8. Advanced Email Marketing: How to Deliver the Right Message to the Right Audience by Jim Sterne

    9. Blogs, Wikis, MySpace, and More: Everything You Want to Know About Using Web 2.0 but Are Afraid to Ask by Terry Burrows

    10. Permission-Based E-Mail Marketing That Works!: Everything You Need to Know by Kim MacPherson

    11. What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting: Real-Life Advice from 101 People Who Successfully Leverage the Power of the Blogosphere by Ted Demopoulis

    12. Red Hot Internet Publicity: An Insider’s Guide to Marketing Your Book on the Internet by Penny C. Sansevieri

    13. From Book to Bestseller: An Insider’s Guide to Publicizing and Marketing Your Book! by Penny C. Sansevieri

    14. Publish & Market Your Christian Book in 10 Easy Steps by Tamika Johnson-Hall

    15. The New Rules of Marketing & PR: How to use News Releases, Blogs, Podcasting, Viral Marketing & Online Media to Reach Buyers Directly by David Meerman Scott

    16. Blogging for Dummies: Set up, publish and maintain a blog that draws readers by Brad Hill

    17. Amp Your MySpace Page: Essential Tools for Giving your Profile an Extreme Makeover by Eric Butow & Michael Bellomo

    18. Be The Media: How to Create and Accelerate Your Message…Your Way by David Mathison

    19. You Want Caviar but have money for Chitlins: A Smart PR Guide for Those on a Budget by Karen Taylor Bass

    20. Syndicating Web Sites with RSS Feeds for Dummies by Ellen Finkelstein

    Prepared by: Pam Perry, www.MinistryMarketingSolutions.com & see www.e-junkie.com/pamperry

    for products
    President of American Christian Writers/Detroit Chapter*

    *FREE ACW/Detroit Meeting every Third Monday
    (except during the summer) held at
    Greater Grace Temple City of David, Conf. Rm. 200 C.
    23500 W. Seven Mile Road (near Telegraph) – Detroit, MI 48235
    Next Meeting: Monday, May 18 meeting at 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

    Topic: Publishing & Dream Management with Cliff Hubbard
    All authors, writers and aspiring welcome!