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    How to get Publicity…with Monique Caradine

    Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

    If a producer called you today for a TV interview would you be ready?

    Monique Caradine

    Would you be able to turn a brief conversation with a newspaper or magazine editor into a free publicity opportunity?
    Upon their request, would you be able to send a reporter all the information they needed about you in a professionally branded electronic media kit INSTANTLY?
    For most people, the answer to all these questions is a resounding NO!  However, there is no reason that a lack of media preparedness should be a barrier to your media success!


    Momentum Media Group is offering a special rate on one of our newest and most exclusive service offerings:
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    Making The Right Media Pitch

    Thursday, April 21st, 2011

    The opportunity to appear as a guest on a radio or television talk show is a goal for many because they know it can open doors to more exposure and financial prosperity. If you’re one of those people looking to get an interview, this article will help give you insight on what you can do in order to make it happen.

    The first thing you need to know is who is your point of contact for the particular show you’re interested in. Although the Host will be conducting the interview, often times it is the Producer who is calling the shots so you need to know who that is in order to send your information.

    The next thing you need to know is how to pitch them. As a former television reporter and assignment editor, I can tell you first-hand that nearly half of all pitches get rejected because people looking for their thirty seconds of fame don’t have a clear understanding of how to present themselves. The truth of the matter is some radio and TV talk show hosts won’t even acknowledge your pitch if it doesn’t fit their show’s format. That’s why it’s important to research a show before you ask for a guest appearance. Pay attention to whom they are trying to reach.

    Here are two important things to remember:

    1) Not everyone wants to be pitched the same way

    2) Your pitch for a news segment is different than for a feature story

    If you are pitching yourself as a guest for a newscast, what you offer needs to directly tie into the news of the day or an important event.

    Being interviewed in a feature story gives you more leeway on a particular topic and you can actually have a hand in creating the the show.

    One more thing: There is no such thing as the PERFECT media pitch but make sure you do your homework so you know who to pitch and how.
    Veteran Journalist and Media Trainer Beverly Mahone offers more insightful media tips on her website: http://beverlymahone.com. She invites you to pick up a FREE copy of her BAMedia Contacts List at: http://beverlymahone.com/bammedia/ or your may purchase the more comprehensive BAMedia Contacts Directory.

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5684297

    Social Media Swag with Pam Perry in 7 Steps

    Sunday, April 10th, 2011

    Social Media Marketing is the NEW and NOW method for generating buzz (and more business) through social networking and Web 2.0 websites.

    Do you feel confident in doing it?

    Do you have the “Swagger” to Attract a Tribe, Build a Brand, Close the Deal and Get The Money?

    It’s not rocket science – but it does take someone to show you how to do it RIGHT.  Without the hype. Without the Techy Talk and Geek Speak. Just someone to break it down for you so you can actually GET THIS THING moving –  so YOU CAN

    build your online brand to bring in business,

    get some videos up that will go viral,

    attract  “raving fans” on Facebook and Twitter and

    harness the secret power of Linkedin!

    For the past 5 years I spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours figuring out the perfect social media system that I could use that would:
    Not require me to spend countless hours online

    Build a loyal email database and social media following

    Market my business and my brand to attract influential clients

    Create and market information products that sell very well on my website

    Use email and internet marketing techniques to bring in thousands of dollars per month
    And finally, get hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors to my websites and blogs who have interest in my services and products and ready to do business!

    Now, I’ve got it! I’ve got this all down to a complete set of strategies that work – and I want to share this information with you so you can be confident and get your social media SWAG on!

    You are invited to my Social Media Swag Seminar where you can learn my time-tested and proven Social Media System that I have used for many years.

    So get clicking. You are one click away from awesome.

    social media swag with pam perry, pr coach

    Social Media PR Interview featuring Pam Perry

    Saturday, January 29th, 2011
    Brand YOUR Best Life: Market The Message! BE BIG. BOLD.

    Click & Listen to this one-hour Social Media PR Interview about how to have a BREAKOUT Year!

    Listen to internet radio with Paul Lawrence Vann on Blog Talk Radio

    SEO + Publicity + Social Media = ?

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    The Pam Perry socialmedia Daily

    Friday, January 14th, 2011
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    My twitter round up




    The Video

    Hubspot Graded My Website: Ministry Marketing Solutions & Internet Tips from Greg Cesar

    Thursday, November 18th, 2010

    The Website Grade for example.com!

    Hear the podcast. Hear Greg Cesar talk about online marketing on the Synergy Energy Show

    Website Design Success – Understanding the Difference Between Graphics and Marketing

    The secret to web design success is to strike the balance in using graphics. You must find a way to make an appealing website and at the same time increase conversion rate. It is false to assume that an attractive website translates to better conversion. So how do you ensure web design success through the use of graphics?

    * The F-pattern. Understanding how people typically read web sites is the key to web design success. Studies have shown that people follow the F-pattern when browsing web pages. This means that the eye flow starts from the top to the left side. The right side is more often than not ignored. Also, people have learned not to notice the topmost heading of the website. This syndrome is called “banner blindness.” Because advertising banners are often displayed here, people have trained themselves to ignore this portion.

    * Relevant text – Supporting Graphics. People put more weight in relevant content and tend to remember information more than eye-catching graphics. So does this mean you don’t need graphics at all? Not at all. Your graphics should support your relevant content to achieve maximum impact.

    * High-resolution Images – Another tip towards web design success is to include graphics that do not compromise your site loading time. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot use high-resolution images. Nothing turns off buyers more than a low resolution image. The right way to display high resolution images is to break them down so that they don’t affect your loading time. Another way is to use thumbnails that users can click if they want to see your images up close.

    * Alternate text – In order to market your products effectively, you have to rank well in search engines. When using graphics, you should include an alternate text so that it won’t affect your page rank. This will allow even your images and videos to be indexed in the search engines.

    * The Right Way to Display – Take the time to think about what consumers look for in your product in order to provide graphics that move them to buy your product. This means that if you are selling clothes, they will be sold well if people will see them on real people.

    Ultimately, web design success boils down to knowing your target audience and their needs. When you address these needs, you’ll be more than able to keep your existing customers and to generate new ones.

    Which one of these 11 web design mistakes will you make? Claim your Free Report at: http://www.webdesignmistakes.com.

    Listen to internet radio with Pam Perry PR Coach on Blog Talk Radio

    Marketing Tips for Authors

    Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

    Make Free Radio Publicity Your Marketing Centerpiece and Watch the Sales Roll In

    Friday, October 15th, 2010

    radioGuest post

    As a veteran guest of hundreds of talk radio shows, I can tell you that radio is one of the best free promotional tools available to virtually anyone selling a product or service. I discovered the magic of free radio marketing in the 1990s after writing my first book. Looking for an inexpensive way to get publicity and sales I sort of stumbled into a goldmine – and a free publicity course I purchased served as an excellent pick and shovel to mine the gold.

    Talk radio is still very popular today. Radio hosts are always looking for interesting guests. If you offer something that would be of interest or benefit a large audience, you’re probably a first-rate candidate as a guest. And you don’t have to be plugging a book to make it on talk radio. Sure, you’ll often hear authors talking about their books, but any topic with wide appeal can get you bookings if you’re smart about how you present yourself.

    The formula is easy. If you’re promoting something to a local market you’ll need a list of local radio stations. If you’re looking for a national audience you’ll be looking for a national database. From here, it’s really simple. You or someone acting on your behalf simply calls the station seeking the producer or host of the show where you’d like to appear. Explain what you have to offer in the way of a good show. Some people are shy talking about themselves in this way. No problem. Simply call as a representative of yourself. Yep. Speak about you in third person. And keep this in mind, the show needs you as much as you need the show.

    I learned something interesting in the early going and it paid off in thousands of sales when I needed them most. It was my sole job in any radio interview to make the host look as brilliant as possible in the eyes of his listeners. When you go a great show you make the host and producer look like geniuses. And there’s an obvious benefit to you. When you do a great show everyone benefits. The listeners get great information. You sell your products. And the host looks good in the eyes, or ears if you will, of the listeners. And you’ll often get invited back.

    So how can you accomplish all of these things? Practice getting good at delivering excellent information. I’ve found the story format is best. When I was describing the methods in my first book, one devoted to showing people how to get a great deal when buying a home, I’d use real examples. People like true stories, especially where the underdog wins. I was able to illustrate the fact that regular people could use my techniques to buy property way under market. Since many folks don’t see themselves as being able to pull something like this off, they are intrigued when they hear stories of others who actually have. In other words, if one regular person can do it, they can.

    Along those lines, gather stories of people you’ve helped. It doesn’t matter if you’re an accountant, personal coach, the pastor of a church, dog groomer, or marshal arts instructor. I’d be willing to bet you’ve made a difference in someone’s life, and that’s your angle. Before you approach the talk show circuit, map out your unique approach, gather your stories, and practice. This isn’t hard but it does take some preparation – unless, of course, you’re already a natural storyteller.

    If you plan on using this method of free publicity you might want to set up a little sales system because many talk show hosts are more than willing to help you plug your product or service.
    So having a toll-free number to call or a Website where they can buy is a must. One more thing, make up a list of questions you want the interviewer to ask you. That makes things easy for the both of you. And by all means, don’t be nervous. Most interviews are done by phone so you’ll be able to have a cheat sheet close by. Keep it conversational as though you’re talking to a friend. After all, you are.

    The article you’ve just read is little more than a brief outline of the entire story. Yes, getting free radio publicity to promote your products is simple and you can easily use it too. To get the rest of the story and discover how to entirely avoid the trial and error process, visit: http://www.freepromostory.com

    10 Places to Promote Your Book with Articles and Book Excerpts

    Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

    Many authors receive thousands of dollars worth of free publicity by

    publishing articles and excerpts from their book in other publications. Writing

    your book is only one step in the process of establishing yourself as an expert in

    your field.

    Once your book is written, make a plan to promote it using the

    following venues, and begin formatting your writing to fit in the appropriate


    1. Books that relate to your subject can include quotes from your book as a

    reference. Keep an eye out for other authors writing books who will surely

    need reference material for their own writing. Also,books that include

    stories from multiple authors can be a great marketing tool to promote you

    as a writer as well as promoting your book.

    2. Seminar handouts that you use when you are giving a presentation can be

    an excellent way to keep your name and your book in front of the reader.

    Provide the audience with interesting materials written by you to take

    home and read.

    3. Trade publications will print articles relating to your book that are relevant

    to the specific industry. Research to find out which publications and

    journals will fit your topic best and submit your articles to the appropriate

    departments for considerations.

    4. Magazines can provide mass exposure to a targeted audience for your

    book. Call the advertising department and ask for a copy of their editorial

    calendar. This free resource will allow you to see where your topic fits into

    their schedule. Once you see where your story fits, email or write the editor

    of that section to present your story idea. This must be done several

    months in advance to make sure there is plenty of time to include your


    5. Local and national newspapers are always looking for story ideas. Tie your

    book in to current events or trends to make it newsworthy. Try to stay off

    the Book page, and try to get your book featured in the sections that are

    more widely read.

    6. Community newspapers and journals usually come out on a weekly and

    monthly schedule, so an article reprint has the opportunity to be highly

    read. Make a list of all the smaller community newspapers within a 50 mile

    radius of your city. Submit your article to all potential sources.

    7. Newsletters that are related to your book topic provide a reader base

    interested in learning more and will eagerly read your article. Find out

    what newsletters are mailed out to specific subscribers,as well as online

    newsletters that may consider reprinting your article or excerpt.

    8. E-zines are growing in popularity online. Try to get your article reprinted in

    as many e-zines as possible. The more people who read your article, the

    more possible book sales you will make.

    (see mine: http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Pam_Perry)

    9. Your own website & blog is a necessary location to place articles for publishers of

    e-zines, newsletters, magazines, and newspapers to retrieve. Your own

    readers will enjoy learning more about your book topic and will visit your

    website more often if you add valuable information for them to read.

    10. Other websites & blogs that allow you to post your articles and excerpts for their

    visitors are a great resource to spreading the message of your book.

    Visit www.MinistryMarketingSolutions.com today for more resources, tools, and coaching. Or get PR Coaching at www.PRbootcamponline.eventbrite.com

    Don’t forget to go to the store. New PR Products are added every week.

    www.e-junkie.com/pamperry – get the “Get out there” Kit there!

    Steps to Positioning/Branding yourself in the African American Christian Market

    Friday, August 13th, 2010

    pam perry

    Step 1: Define your target audience.

    Who is your main customer? What do they look like? What do they watch? Listen to? What other media do they consume? The more research you do the more you can identify and target your ideal customer to BUY YOUR BOOK!

    Step 2: What’s your PLATFORM? Find your “book hook.” What message are you marketing?

    Get your message “out there!” But what do you want to say? Are you an expert? An evangelist? Do you want to position yourself as a “brain” or a “creative” – or do you have endorsements that will speak volumes for you? Who you have endorse you will “pin point” how you will be perceived/branded in the market. Make sure your message that you communicates makes the media say “wow” and not yawn. Examine yourself and find your unique selling position. Why is your book worthy of media attention?

    Step 3: Build a media “wish list”

    We would all love to be on Oprah, Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey and TBN…that’s a for sure best-seller status. But starting out, get a focused, realistic media database that reaches the core target audience. What do you read, watch and listen to? Do you really know the media? Google the media you know matches your platform. Look up other authors in your genre and Google them to see where they have had media hits. Put those on your “wish list” and go and find those same reporters/stations. No need buy expensive media lists and doing mass mailings – that is old school and doesn’t work.

    Here are some Eblast services/media to look at:
    (targeting the African-American and faith-based African-American markets)
    MosaicBooks.com (300 BookClubs)

    Step 4: Create dazzling press materials

    If you’re trying to pitch Essence, “O” magazine or your local weekly neighborhood newspaper, you better come correct. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Get customized press kit folders if doing mailing. Or get graphics help to design your EPK (electronic press kit). But whatever you do, get great author photos. A picture is worth a thousand words – and a “glamour” shot will get you noticed. Even in the Christian market, sex appeal sells. Make sure your press releases, fact sheets, articles and pitch letters stand out from the crowd and “position” yourself. BRAND!
    Great error-free press material is the foundation to a good campaign.

    Step 5: Media contact – they are your friends.

    How do you meet the media? Go where they go. Go to conferences where you know media will be there like the Gospel Heritage Conference, The PowerNetworking Conference, The Stellar Awards, ICRS (formerly CBA) and even the regional/local National Black Association of Black Journalists. Not a bad idea to even join as an associate member. You’re a writer, right? Networking and building relationships is critical. If you can meet them, keep in contact by commenting on their work – so they know you’re just not “begging” allllllll the time – but really are an educated media consumer. (Also get their name right!)

    When you prove yourself as an “expert” and dependable source of information, you get reporters to contact you over and over. And they will tell their friends about you because you will become known as a good source.

    But never brow beat and badger a reporter/producer with unwanted phone calls, faxes or E-mails – that’s a quick way to make an enemy with the whole industry. If they don’t respond, ask them why and then move on. There are tons of other media that will reach your target market. Use your time and energy wisely and don’t be a pain – and when you really have something to contact them about – just a quick email is all that is needed.

    For more info go to: www.pamperryonlinepr.com

    See youtube.com/pamperry1 too for videos

    Guest Blog: Marketing with Integrity – interview with Pam Perry, PR coach

    Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

    Hope Today Magazine
    By Diana Bridgett, Managing Editor
    August 5, 2010

    Author, and Pastor T.D. Jakes with PR Guru, Pam Perry (Photo Credit: Ministry Marketing Solutions)

    It is not often that we come across a person in the Public Relations arena that has taken the torch to represent the Christian population with tenacity, integrity, and dedication.  Pam Perry is that individual.  She began Ministry Marketing Solutions ten years ago to assist churches, ministries, and Christian authors with building their brand of marketing to empower their target audience.  Her no nonsense approach, coupled with her drive for churches to work in excellence equals a product that has a solid foundation, brand identification, and relays a strong spiritual message.

    Hope Today Magazine spoke with this PR Guru to learn what her driving force is behind her company, her passion for ministry, and why she became the vessel of empowerment to the Christian community.

    Hope Today Magazine: Can you provide background information with regards to how you became involved in the Public Relations industry?

    Pam Perry: I have been involved in Public Relations for the past twenty years.  I believe it to be my career, my calling.  I majored in Public Relations and Journalism in college. When I completed school, I worked for the Detroit Free Press for a number of years in the Advertising and Sales role.  I did this for about a decade and then moved into radio and broadcast sales along with some producing.  I left that, went into not for profit work as the Director of Public Relations.  There after, I decided to strike out on my own with working with two organizations, Joy of Jesus and the Salvation Army.  I combined all of my media, sales, and writing skills to work with those two organizations and that is how I formed the bridge to Ministry Marketing Solutions.

    Hope Today Magazine: Can you tell of the services that Ministry Marketing Solutions provides?

    Pam Perry: We do PR coaching. We take new authors who are new to the publishing field who do not know how to market their book or self-published authors who are trying to build a brand.  I teach them step by step, everything that they need to do in order to market their book.  We discuss branding, building the platform, social media training, media relations, internet marketing, as well as packaging themselves to gain speaking engagements.

    Hope Today Magazine: You assist with building ministries as well?

    Pam Perry: Yes, I do this for Pastors as well, typically if they have a book.

    Hope Today Magazine: Why did you decide to focus your services towards ministries?

    Pam Perry: That was just a love that I had.  I felt there was a huge need.  There was a void that I saw in that particular area. After working with companies who market their products well, I often wondered why the church that has more of a life changing message does not have the technical skills to be able to deliver their products to consumers that would buy into their story as well.  I really learned that from the Salvation Army. People really do not understand that the Salvation Army is a church.  They are a brand.  When people see the red kettles out at Christmas time, that is all branding. It really started there.  I opened Ministry Marketing Solutions because I wanted to offer my skills to churches that just didnt know how to get their products out.  Its good that we know the Word but we need to understand the profession of marketing.  I believe that Jesus is about excellence and when we dont do something in excellence, we are not being a good witness.

    Hope Today Magazine: It is not often that we hear of a PR Liason speak so passionately about excellence with regards to marketing with churches.

    Pam Perry: You don’t have to be a mega church to do things in excellence. You don’t have to be a T.D Jakes in order to have a really tight brand.  You can do something as simple as sticking to a consistent color.  That is branding.  The typical Christian needs to feel that their church is relevant. I look in the urban areas in which there is a church on every corner.  Why don’t the churches involve the community to rebuild those churches?  The reason why that does not happen is because the community feels that the church is just a little club that they do not understand, that is not relevant and basically recycles Christians every Sunday. We have to become relevant.  We have to engage the community.  This should be a lifestyle not just something that happens on Sunday. It can be the little things, texts messages or having a nice package for the CD of the sermon.  We can do things in excellence.

    Hope Today Magazine: What would you say to critics that would say that this is further perpetuating the thought that churches are more concerned about the business than about an individual’s soul?

    Pam Perry: I dont think that they are focusing on money rather than they are on branding and bringing people in.  However to get the people in first, you have to spend some money on marketing. You have to have nice post cards, business cards, and signs.  You have to look at companies.  Disney is known for customer service.  Just because we are a church does not mean that we can not take a page form the book of a company that is doing well.  We have to engage people.  We have to look at the culture of what we are up against.  You have to remain relevant. Everything that the world does we can take it, turn the page, and use it to minister to people.

    Hope Today Magazine: Who have you worked with in the past?

    Pam Perry: T.D Jakes, Teresa Hairston, Valerie Burton, Dr. Myles Munroe, and Pastor Andre Butler to name a few. Within the past ten years, I have worked with about two hundred Christian authors.

    Hope Today Magazine: What do you envision for Ministry Marketing Solutions for the next five years?

    Pam Perry: We will do more social media marketing for churches and authors.  What I have found is that people are confused about what to do with internet marketing.  I want to take that mystique out of social media.  I will be doing more training and speaking on social media marketing in the next upcoming years.  That internet train is not slowing down.  It is actuall speeding up.  We have to be able to navigate to stay relevant.

    Hope Today Magazine: What is the Pam Perry Brand?

    Pam Perry: You will see a lot of pink and a lot of books.  I love to give information.  I surround myself with information.  People will see a lot of pink yet when I open my mouth they are quickly made aware that I have knowledge and I am about business.

    Editor Notes:
    Pam Perry has been one of the more high-powered and visible figures in public relations. Her career serves as a notable example of the potency that personally handled promotion has acquired in the mass media. Perry’s rise in the wrangling world of publicity began when she worked in public relations and advertising. Pam Perry is a contributing writer for Hope Today Magazine. To learn more about Pam Perry, visit www.pamperrypr.com.

    What does RE-Branding Look Like for a Publicist? PR 2.0 Style

    Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

    Ten-Year-Old Public Relations Firm Reinvents to PR 2.0

    Ministry Marketing Solutions Chief Visionary, Pam Perry leads firm delivering Online Branding, Viral Videos, Digital Marketing, Virtual Assistance and More to Authors, Nonprofits and Entrepreneurs
    Pam Perry, PR Coach & Social Media Strategist  (www.pamperrypr.com)

    Pam Perry, PR Coach & Social Media Strategist (www.pamperrypr.com)


    PRLog (Press Release) –  Reinvention. Reposition. Rebranding. This is what Pam Perry, the chief visionary of the 10-year-old Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc has done.

    The award-winning PR coach has kicked the company into another gear by developing a full selection of social media services for authors, organizations and small businesses.

    “I want to position my clients to superstar success – like a rock star! The way to help them achieve major visibility, more credibility and high marketability is to leverage the internet and ‘crush it’ with social media marketing,” said Perry. “We have kicked it up a notch – and ready to rock and roll.”

    Perry and her virtual team at Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc. work with Sports & Entertainment Executives, like Max Siegel and business organizations like Michigan Minority Supplier Development and Detroit Black Expo plus coaches scores of best-selling authors.

    She is often called on to speak at conferences on marketing and social media from as far as San Juan, Puerto Rico to Houston. This October she will be one of the panelists at prestigious Blogalious Conference at the Ritz Carlton in Miami.

    One can Google Pam Perry and find online comments from clients raving about her creativity and connectivity. “Pam is a wonderful publicist! She worked her socks off to promote my book: How Strong Women Pray.  She knows the book industry, does creative things, and helps you to leverage your own contacts and assets. She also is on the cutting edge of using the internet to get people talking about you and your book,” said author Bonnie St. John.

    The MMS client was featured in Essence, Ebony and in O Magazine as well as premiere online media publications and on many broadcast stations.

    The Detroit Free Press called Perry  “a marketing whiz on an almost immortal mission.” Publishers Weekly called her a “PR Guru.” She is also an Emmy award-winning TV producer and internet radio host of Chocolate Pages where she has interviewed celebrities like Rev. Run, Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin and Demond Wilson.

    Her passion for networking and social media has led her to also produce and host two weekly online business shows: Diverse Business and Synergy Energy on Blogtalk radio. And she pens social media columns for Gospel Today and the Detroit Nonprofit Examiner.com and plus publishes numerous blogs and ezines on internet marketing.

    Perry’s public relations firm began to “rebrand” about five years ago when she started her first blog. Seeing the power in Web 2.0 technology, she now has personal “PR 2.0” network of tens of thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linkedin and Youtube.

    This allows her to get the messages out about  clients quickly, easily and more  inexpensively than traditional media methods. “Brand building is about being consistent and connecting with the right audience often – social media marketing allows this and we have been able to build powerful brand recognition for clients,” said Perry.

    The Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc. team provides clients with overall branding which includes blog site development, email marketing, article marketing, online videos, podcasting, social media management, PR coaching, virtual assistance, keyword research and other traffic building techniques.

    Perry understands how to build powerful brands and teaches the online secrets to her customers’ in short easy sessions that would normally take months to learn.  “Simplicity is the key, said Perry. “As a baby-boomer, I know that the internet can be scary because it changes so rapidly– but when I teach clients – I make it fun – and they learn to build their own online networks to reach their marketing results.”

    # # #

    Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc., founded in 2000, is an online branding and social media agency that provides services for best-selling authors, nonprofit organizations and entrepreneurs. For more information, www.ministrymarketingsolutions.com or call 248.426-2300.

    — end —     Visit Press Room

    Harness the power of Facebook to sell more books

    Tuesday, June 8th, 2010
    pam perry facebook


    Social networking sites like Facebook are a terrific way to promote your book, but many authors don’t optimize their Facebook profile or venture beyond their profile. Here are six ways to effectively promote your book on Facebook:

    1. Take full advantage of the promotional opportunities on your Facebook Profile. Just below your photo is a small box where you can enter a concise description of what you do, including the title of your book.

    The About Me box (under Personal Information) is a good place to describe your book and your business. In the Contact Information section you can enter multiple website addresses. Post your book cover in your photo album or another application and display it in the left column of your profile.

    Remember, your Facebook profile must be registered in your real name. If you create a profile for your book or business, you risk having your account canceled.

    2. Facebook Fan Pages are similar to personal profiles, but they are created for business use. You can create a page to promote your book or your business, or even create a page for one of the characters in your novel. People join a page by becoming a fan.

    You may want to offer an incentive to join (or at least visit) your fan page, such as a free download, a coupon for one of your products, or a contest. Another way to attract fans is to set your page up as an information hub, offering links and resources.

    3. Facebook Groups are a great place to meet people who share your interests and find new friends. Search for groups by entering keywords in the Search box at the top of the page and then clicking on the Groups tab. You can gain visibility on a group page by introducing yourself on the wall, participating in discussions, and posting your book cover, photos or videos.

    Forming your own group is another good way to subtly promote your book. Be sure to encourage discussions and offer valuable information such as free downloads and links to resources. You can send direct messages the entire group.

    4. Joining relevant Facebook Events is a good way to get visibility by writing on the event wall and posting photos. In addition, you can subtly promote your book and yourself by promoting your own live or virtual events through a Facebook event.

    5. Facebook displays pay-per-click ads on most pages on the site, and ads can be targeted by age, gender, location, education level, relationship status, or keywords in people’s profiles.

    6. The Facebook Marketplace is a free classified advertising area where you can post a listing to sell your book. It’s worth an experiment if you have a book on a topic that someone might search for on a classified advertising site.

    Dana Lynn Smith is a book marketing coach and author of The Savvy Book Marketer Guides. For in-depth information on how to promote your book through Facebook, see the Facebook Guide for Authors at http:bit.ly/facebookforauthors.

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dana_Lynn_Smith

    pam perry


    Top 7 Book Promotion Methods for Your Nonfiction Book

    Monday, May 10th, 2010
    There are two things every author must know about book promotion for your nonfiction book. First, it is your responsibility, no matter what publishing method you use – conventional, print on demand (POD), or self-publishing.
    Second, promotion should begin long before your book is finished. In fact, you should be thinking about it from the very beginning of the planning process.

    One of the first questions you should ask yourself is who are my readers? Once you have identified your target market, your next step is to find ways to tell them what the book is about; what problem it will solve; why it is funny, informative, or moving; who wrote it and why; and, most important, why they want to spend money to own your book. What follows are seven proven book promotion ways to reach your readers with this information:

    1. Create a website for your book.

    You must have a presence on the Internet for solid book promotion and book marketing. A Website showcases your book, highlights the cover, introduces you as an expert author, delineates the main points, tells where the book may be purchased, and provides a place for testimonials. A Website doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate, but it should be professionally designed and constructed. Unless you are a Web guru, invest in a professional Website designer.

    2. Brainstorm ideas for book promotion and book marketing.

    Gather a group of your most creative friends to generate as many ideas as you can (It’s a good idea to feed them). Break your reading audience into subgroups, and list all the places to find them. Where do they hang out? What organizations do they belong to? Where do they shop? What are their passions, hobbies, and vocations? The spreadsheet you create is the beginning of your promotional plan.

    3. Send advance readers’ copies (ARCs) to promote your book.

    When the book is finished but not yet published, send bound copies of Galley proofs to book reviewers at print and electronic media. Be sure to stamp them “Reader’s Copy” or “Galley Proof.” You want to time the reviews to coincide with the publication and availability of your book. Reviewers want to read it before it hits the shelves. Timing is everything. Ministry Marketing Solutions can help with this.

    4. Submit articles to promote your book.

    Your book is a goldmine of article ideas. Every major point is an article ready to be excerpted or paraphrased. Once you know what your target audience is reading, you have a list of potential publications, print and electronic. Write a 25- and 50-word author’s blurb to be printed at the end of every article. When you submit to an online article Website, indicate that the article may be reprinted at no charge, as long as it includes the author’s blurb.

    5. Take part in book fairs as a great book promotion tool.

    Share a table or booth with other writers or with members of an association of which you are a member, if it is relevant to your topic. Book fairs can mean long hours on your feet if you go it alone; but, when you share the workload, the experience can be fun and rewarding. You’ll meet new people, reach readers directly, and become personally involved in selling your book.

    6. Share what you know to become an expert in your field.

    Offer to give free presentations at bookstores and other venues that carry your book. This is a great way to build your reputation as an expert in your field, provide value to the bookseller and the book buyer, and connect directly with your readers. It’s good for your ego to be asked to sign your own book. One caveat: if you don’t feel comfortable speaking in front of a group, join Toastmasters or hire a speaking coach. Don’t muddle through your presentation.

    7. Assemble a book sales package.

    (see http://pamperry.posterous.com for an instant press kit package)

    Put together a press kit to send to local radio and TV stations. Include a news release with pertinent information about the book and future scheduled appearances, an author’s bio, talking points to use in an on-air interview, a sample book cover, background information, and favorable reviews and testimonials. A press kit is like a resume; it gets you in the door. Once you get there, the rest is up to you.

    Promoting your book is an ongoing project. It isn’t something you do once and then move on. As long as your book is available and there are potential readers who could enjoy it and benefit from reading it, you have a job to do. This is, after all, why you wrote it.

    For more guidance and direction on marketing your book from me, go to:

    Publicity Tips

    Thursday, March 25th, 2010

    pam perry pr

    1. The easiest way to get publicity is to find out what a producer/editor wants and give it to them.
    2. How much publicity can you get?  $100,000 a month at least. It’s simple but you have to follow a lot of steps.  It snowballs…then people come knocking at your door.
    3. Start with “grass roots” and build out. Try out the smaller stations/newspapers first.
    4. There are some companies that you pay for performances not promises.  (Guarantees are what people want).
    5. People can pay for interviews secured.  People can pay $2,000 to $10,000 a month.
    6. It’s never to early to get started with your publicity campaign.  90 days is not too early.  You can get pre-orders and you can plug your website.  You can do seminars.
    7. Give away books to get publicity.
    8. THE BASICS. Need: Media kit (A folder with the pasted cover of the book on it. Then a press/media release, bio, testimonials, GOOD photographs). The media know that you’re a professional if you have this.
    9. Optimize them so people can find it high on Google.  PRWEB.com is a good one and ChristianPRGroup.com

    10. Write a column for a local paper for free in exchange for a plug for your book.

    11. People are always looking for more content.  (Newspapers and broadcast) – so send out a newsletter to the media, send postcards, send emails.

    12. Build Relationships with the media…and other book clubs.

    13. Do Teleseminars or regular seminars – this establishes you as an expert.

    14. Internet Marketing (www.BlackGospelPromo.com) is the best!

    15. Blogs…high in search engines and comment on B. (Like an online diary) See http://www.ministrymarketingsolutionsblog.com

    Courtesy of Ministry Marketing Solutions

    Pam Perry, 248.426-2300



    Top 7 Topic Ideas For Your Next Press Release

    Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

    Your first press release should be your introduction to the business world.

    It should be told in the 3rd person, as if you are a reporter interviewing a new business, and you should refrain from making it sound like an advertisement as much as possible.

    If you are not comfortable writing it yourself, you should find someone who can do it for you. Trying to come up with new ideas is tough.

    Maybe the following will help you brainstorm.

    1. Educate Educate the readers on some new item or procedure in your target market.
    2. Celebrate Tie in your service or product with the current holiday. Brainstorm ways you could help with any local events that are planned in your area. (donate time/product, provide items for raffles)
    3. EntertainWrite about something funny that happened recently. Maybe your clients have a funny story about you that you wouldn’t mind them sharing. Hold a silly contest. Maybe a 10% discount to anyone who scores above a certain # on some ridiculous test (look around the internet, they are everywhere).

      Be silly, just don’t over-do it.

    4. Inform Make sure you are up-to-date on the latest technology for your industry and your target industry. Provide readers with new and exciting information/reviews on the newest gadget, software, etc.
    5. Volunteer There are many places online where you can volunteer “virtually”. Once you have gotten your feet wet with one of the many deserving charities in need, write about your experience working for the charity, what you have learned about the cause, disease, etc. How others can help.
    6. Resolution Research your target market/niche and find out what one of the biggest obstacles or pet peeves they have and solve it, or provide resources for dealing with it or learning more about it. Sounds difficult but, with a little research, should be fairly simple.

    7. Freebies Compile some information that is targeted to your niche and make it into an e-book. Then, give it away free. The best part, you make it so they have to enter their email address to get the free e-book and you can compile a contact list for later. The list can be used to send promotional emails or e-newsletters. Just be sure to provide an unsubscribe link in the emails.

    Christina Nelson is Owner of Vital Office Solutions, a virtual assistance business providing financial and administrative support services to small businesses and professionals. Christina has over 11 years of financial and administrative experience in the construction, retail, food and insurance industries. For more information, please visit http://www.vitalofficesolutions.com

    see www.pamperryonlinepr.com

    for free goodies.

    4 Ways to Make Profit With Press Releases

    Wednesday, February 10th, 2010
    Christian PR

    Get the PR you Deserve! Market the Message!

    Millions of people log on to the internet daily. The internet has become a big market for products and services. In addition, as you know, marketing your product or service anywhere needs promotion because you need to make your presence felt to consumers.

    Writing press releases is one of the most important ways to promote your website over the internet. Writing press releases frequently will attract web traffic to your site.

    Press releases are an essential part of advertising and promoting your campaigns online, and hence writing an effective press release, which is newsworthy, and attention grabbing is very important. Simply writing the PR does not help your purpose. It needs to be well complemented with proper use, to get the most effective result.

    * Your PR needs to stand out so that the media and or consumer will see that it is newsworthy and it is something they want to explore of purchase.
    * The more people want to read your PR, the more advertising you will be getting online. Your Christian-PR news release is like a “virtual sales brochure” that can attract potential customers. Hence, the body of the PR should be factual and informative, giving the readers like bloggers, the consumer and media a reason to read your press release.

    * After identifying your target audience, you should write your PR keeping in mind the maturity level and the attitude of your audience. Write more versions of the same press release to cater to the different fragments of your objective market.

    * The titles of your press release acts like a door bell, it should attract attention.

    PR is one of the most important tools of advertising over internet.

    However, if the above tips are kept in mind while writing it, you can write an effective and newsworthy PR, which in turn will help you make profit.

    Get started TODAY!

    Hear Pam Perry's Show and get PR Tips weekly



    to hear live tips and PR Coaching from Pam Perry

    Christian-PR | P.O. Box 4172 | Houston | TX | 77210

    You need a Book Publicity Toolkit for your book

    Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

    Pam Perry's PR Kit in a Box - 1/2 off now

    Author Marketing 101

    Professionals always come prepared. Good plumbers don’t show up at your home unless they have all the right tools with them. And, they keep their equipment in shipshape condition so repairs go smoothly.

    Well, the same holds true when you want to publicize your book; you need to have the right tools and they must be ready to use. Having the right tools is an indispensable part of being prepared.

    Numerous tools can help you publicize your book. However, for our purpose, lets classify them in two basic categories. They are:

    1. Primary tools, items that are essential and that no promotional campaign should attempt to proceed without, and

    2. Secondary tools, those that are not essential but can help your campaign be more productive.

    Previously we discussed the author’s silver bullet (see http://www.ministrymarketingsolutionsblog.com), which is an author’s number one publicity tool. No book publicity campaign should proceed without a silver bullet. In addition, every campaign should include the following primary tools, which we will subsequently address in greater detail.

    The primary tools include:

    Media lists
    Media kits
    Press releases
    Photographs of the author in color and black and white, including one of the author in an action shot, perhaps signing the book or doing something that relates to the book
    Question-and-answer sheets
    Business cards
    Promotional materials

    Additional Tools

    The number of additional tools that you can use in your campaign is as extensive as your imagination. Finding them can be an exercise in creativity. Unlike the primary tools, which are a must for every campaign, additional tools should be plugged in only when they can be helpful, because adding tools you don’t need can clutter your campaign and weaken the impact of initiatives that could be more productive.

    The following items are examples of some of the additional devices you can use. Be creative and come up with other promotional tools of your own that could help you publicize your book.

    Additional promotional tools include:

    Book excerpts
    Fact sheets
    Graphics (photographs, charts, diagrams, lists, illustrations)
    Handouts List of top topics for the media
    Op-ed piece
    Pitch letter
    Sample chapter(s)
    Stories about the Book
    Toll-free telephone number

    More Publishing resources at

    more at http://bit.ly/8cDLgm

    Also see www.e-junkie.com/pamperry

    Source: Rick Frishman

    7 Tips on Effectively Writing and Distributing Press Releases to the Black Media

    Friday, November 6th, 2009

    Pam Perry talking about branding at Christian Writer\’s Meeting


    1. It’s all in the title.

    The title of your press release should be short, meaningful and descriptive. The title is the determining factor of whether or not people will ever bother to read further. Consider using a subtitle to summarize the content.

    2. Make sure the information is newsworthy.

    You are wasting your time and money sending out information that people wont care about. Ask yourself –“would I read this?”

    2. Speak to your audience.

    If your sending a press release out to the Black media, you must make it obvious how your information relates to the African Americans.

    4. Don’t be too fancy.

    Avoid the excessive use of adjectives and fancy language. Don’t bold or underline words within your body. This is unprofessional. The content alone should sell its self.

    5. Include all forms of contact info.

    Include your email address and 1-2 phone numbers. If someone is trying to reach you for an urgent story, you want to be easily reached. Also, include your web site address so they can research more about what you do.

    6. Use BlackPR.com for distribution.

    When your press release is final, use BlackPR.com to distribute it to all the Black newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations. They only charge $150 bucks to do this. Also, consider using PRweb.com to increase search engine visibility.

    7. Send press releases regularly.

    A well- written press release can easily get you radio interviews and other media coverage. This, in turn, drives traffic to your web site, and more sales to your bottom line. The key is to be consistent. Send out press releases on a monthly basis, and consider writing weekly or bi-weekly columns to distribute as well.

    Dante Lee is the founder of Diversity City Media, a multicultural marketing empire. Visit his daily blog at www.DanteLee.com

    Need some help with your PR Campaign? Get a Publicity Virtual Assistant: Leah to the Rescue!

    Saturday, August 29th, 2009

    How can you focus on being the top

    of your writing game
    when you’re overwhelmed with

    administrative tasks?

    The answer:
    DELEGATE to a well-qualified
    Publicity Virtual Assistant!

    Publicity virtual assistants are especially beneficial

    for those many first-time authors who are overwhelmed

    with the publishing & marketing process. By partnering

    with a Publicity Virtual Assistant, the stress of having to know

    it all is drastically reduced and the author can rely on their

    PVA to take over and implement much of the publicity campaign.

    Ministry Marketing Solutions offers you an answer:
    Mrs. Leah Hubbard, PVA Extraordinaire!
    pam perry and leah hubbard
    “Leah Hubbard is my right hand – without her expert administrative
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    Hey Future best seller:

    You are always on my mind.
    You have been coached and know your stuff.
    I know you’re serious about “marketing the message.”

    But as a busy author, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed
    by all the details of your book, marketing plans,
    online efforts and promotional duties. I feel you!

    Your many projects and ideas can lose their effectiveness

    if you can’t implement them successfully.

    If you are drowning in a sea of sticky notes,
    you need a Publicity Virtual Assistant!
    Enter – The PVA Solution: Leah Hubbard! (waabiz@aol.com)
    Delegating will help you go from obscurity to fame!

    busy lady

    Get YOUR Author Act Together! Delegate!

    Self-publishers and published authors alike often need assistance with the most vital aspect of their book journey, marketing and publicity.

    Successful authors know that to sell books, you need to do PR. And even more importantly, you need to do a lot of PR.
    You can’t just put your book on Amazon and send out a press release or two and hope for the masses to come.

    You need do an aggressive marketing campaign and get out there and promote your hard work.

    Fortunately, with the help of a Publicity Virtual Assistant it has never been easier.

    Publicity Virtual Assistants are virtual assistants who specialize in publicity and marketing.

    Publicity Virtual Assistants utilize all their expert talents and superb writing abilities for book marketing and promotions, thereby helping authors achieve the success they deserve by providing extensive marketing support, help with social networking, following up on media pitches, proofing and editing capabilities, extensive research, administrative support and so much more.

    Leah Hubbard started Wise Administrative Associates in 1996 to support small-mid sized companies and entrepreneurs in all phases of Administrative Support.

    With over 20 years of corporate office experience as well as entreprenuerial business support, Leah can assist you by ensuring that your administrative tasks are completed in a timely and professional manner.

    Her business is to alleviate the tasks that prevent your from getting your primary goals completed.

    Publicity virtual assistants are especially beneficial for those many first-time authors who are overwhelmed with the publishing process. By partnering with a Publicity Virtual Assistant, the stress of having to do it all while maintaining the rest of your life is drastically reduced and the author can rely on their PVA to take over and implement much of the mundane tasks of a publicity campaign.

    As your Publishing Virtual Assistant, Leah Hubbard will:

    • Proof articles and post to your blog and tweet out for you
    • Be your social networker: finding you friends, followers and fans
    • Submit articles to online directories & press releases to the media
    • Follow up on media contacts & set up interviews                        (a job all by itself!!)
    • Assist in arranging book signings and speaking engagements
    • Mailings of marketing materials to various outlets
    • Calendar Coordination to keep you on top of appointments
    • Help you keep your sanity and keep your dream alive while you work by providing top-notch administrative support!

    For pricing information, please email her at waabiz@aol.com or call 248.342-8806.


    Pam Perry, PR Coach
    “Brand Your Best Life”
    Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc.

    P.S. Achieve the success they deserve – contact Leah today! She can only work effectively with a limited number of authors at a time. There is a 3 month minimum commitment. Prices will rise in the fall! Don’t drag your feet. Get help so you can focus on what YOU do best!