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    Who is Pam Perry?

    Pam Perry is known as the “PR Guru”, “Marketing Whiz” and “Social Media Expert” by the national media such as Detroit Free Press, Publisher’s Weekly and Gospel Today magazine.

    Perry has arguably been one of the more high-powered and visible figures in public relations. Her career serves as a notable example of the potency that personally handled promotion has acquired in the mass media. Perry’s rise in the wrangling world of publicity began when she worked in public relations and advertising. Learning the business from the inside out, Perry became a PR agent and eventually formed her own firm, BART (Blacks in Advertising, Radio & Television), a nonprofit networking organization for African Americans in the media.

    Although partners came and went over the course of two decades, Perry remained a constant. Earning her clout in the industry, the clientele list Perry was instrumental in assembling: clients over the years have included McDonalds, Ford Motors, Joy of Jesus and The Salvation Army to name a few. Currently she does public relations for the publishing industry and is a PR Coach for self-published Christian authors. Perry has placed clients on media such as TBN, Daystar, Harvest Show, The Tom Joyner Morning Show, The Steve Harvey Show, Essence, Ebony, Black Enterprise, Jet and countless others.

    Her work has also appeared in Gospel Today magazine, The Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press, CBA Marketplace Magazine, Precious Times Magazine, Michigan Front Page and The Christian Communicator.

    Perry’s greatest attention is devoted to her clients, who value her for exalting their talents. This management style has enabled Perry to carve a niche for herself amidst the morass of media marketing.

    Her passion is Christian books and assisting writers through the American Christian Writers Association where she is president/founder of the Detroit Chapter and now the President of Ministry Marketing Solutions. The website address is www.MinistryMarketingSolutions.com.

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