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    Book Publicity Jump Start Program

    • Want to reach book buyers quick and in a hurry?
    • Need some “third party” endorsements, reviews and interviews for your book?
    • Wishing you could get more exposure for your book NOW?

    Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc. is now offering a Jumpstart Publicity program for authors to “get out there” and make some book sales FAST!

    This online book promotion includes:

    • A Virtual blog tour with proven bloggers and popular podcast/blogtalk radio hosts that target those with followers similar to your book’s audience
    • Amazon.com VIDEO review with a Chocolate Pages reviewers (this maximizes your search-ability value in Google and marketing appeal on Amazon).
    • Spotlight on the Chocolate Pages Network, Chocolate Pages on Tour blog and Facebook Group (reaches more than 3,500 members)
    • A press release and distribution to the Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc. media contacts and online PR sources
    • An email campaign to our (and our partners’) contact lists that reach more than 175,000 subscribers who are keenly interested in receiving information about new products from the faith-based market
    • A list of targeted print outlets and online publications that you can submit articles or excerpts for further exposure and visibility

    This program is guaranteed:

    To build your tribe.
    Increase your book sales.
    Expand your reach.
    Get media exposure!

    Bonus: The Signature PR Boot Camp Coaching “Get Out There” Kit (value $97). This five-hour digital downloadable series is like a “crash course” in how to create buzz and sustain publicity for your book and position yourself as an expert.

    *Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc. has represented 100s of best-sellers over the last ten years in business. Thus, we reserve the right to refuse any book that does not meet our standards and criteria.

    If you would like to see if you qualitfy for the two-part payment plan options,

    please contact us at

    info (at) ministrymarketingsolutions.com

    or call 248.426-2300 during office hours.

    New Program: Get the Online PR You Deserve…. Christian Book Buzz Online

    Web 2.0: The second generation of the Internet has arrived.

    Are YOU READY to “crush it?”

    Listen to the PODCAST – Click here


    Pam Perry, PR Coach & social Media Expert

    You turned to Ministry Marketing Solutions to meet your

    unique marketing needs for your book, business and/or ministry.
    Our goal is to continue to exceed your expectations . . .That’s why MMS is announcing our newest division:
    Ministry Marketing Solutions -Social Media Services.

    MMS-SMS is now poised to launch your book, business or minstry

    onto the marketing platformsthat are now required to get

    you the response you desire.

    The Wall Street Journal calls Social Media “the new world.”

    MMS is already there – and eager to be

    your guide to this “near real time” 24 hour

    global communication stream.

    Start the new year off in new media!

    Don’t let the opportunities presented

    by Social Media pass you by . . .

    MMS will make your company part

    of the online Viral Explosion that

    has literally transformed marketing!

    · We’ll load your brand onto platforms

    that will be seen by millions of eyes – instantly.

    · We’ll make your message stand out from

    the stream of information the flows on social media.

    Tagged tweets anyone?
    · We’ll create for you a “digital footprint”

    that will help you blow your revenues up

    and expand your business to levels you

    didn’t think possible.MMS-SMS has a full package of
    Social Media Property Management
    Because the world is now online!

    MMS is putting you on notice . . .
    The “Press Release” – when used alone – is “old school”
    Today’s marketing doesn’t “attract” traffic –

    it drives traffic right to your website and updates

    your target audience on all of the ways you can meet their needs.

    The E-mail – on its own – is practically “snail mail”
    Today’s marketing springboard is social media!

    It’s no longer just for youth.

    If you’re not subscribed to these,

    YOU are out of the loop: Facebook,

    Twitter, RSS Feed, and Linkedin.
    · Universal McCann reports that

    50% of U.S. adults use Social Media.
    The WSJ reports that in 2009

    “the number of users on social networking and other community

    sites jumped 31% to 301.5 million people.”

    Can you think of a reason NOT

    to travel to the “new world” of Social Media?

    We can’t . . .
    Do you want a guide who can

    put you on firm footing in this new territory?

    We can!
    Here’s what a MMS-SMS
    Comprehensive Social Media package of
    Social Media Property Management looks like . . .

    First – YOU Shine, Online

    Video Marketing
    MMS-SMS offers the exciting augmentation of video.

    We can produce your basic video then load

    it up onto the sites that will drive tons

    of traffic directly back to your website.

    On-camera training is available as well.


    Are you ready for “prime time”?

    Well you’d better be, because “prime time”

    is anytime, on the web!

    We’ll record a compelling interview

    where you’ll relate the story of your

    book or project and capture the listener’s attention.
    Your interview will be available 24/7 on

    The Chocolate Pages Show for Christian writers

    and on dozens of other digital platforms,

    including itunes and other celebrity and author

    interview format programs.

    The Power of Your Blog Presence

    Using blogger strategy, MMS-SMS can

    help you reap all of the benefits that an

    authoritative blog has to offer.

    We can set up or amp your blog –

    then maintain your blog with fresh

    content from your book, speeches or articles,

    for a defined period of time.

    We also manage blogger relations.Teleseminars
    We can take all the steps required to help

    you set-up a quality, effective teleseminar.

    Then we’ll promote your offering to a targeted

    market that is seeking out the

    information you have at hand!E-Article Marketing

    We’ll shape your online profile into a subject matter

    expert authority by placingarticles under your byline throughout the

    web-based information catalog.

    We’ll take your finished articles – or create them,

    using your blog posts, press releases or other


    Blog Tour

    Be a featured subject matter expert on any or

    all of the four blogs operated by

    Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc.

    They are:
    · MinistryMarketingSolutionsBlog.com
    · ThePRDistinction.blogspot.com
    · TheChocolatePagesNetwork.com
    · ChristianBookBuzzOnline.comMicroblogging
    Can you “tag” a tweet on twitter?

    Don’t worry – we can do it for you?

    While we’re at it, we’ll arrange a tweetup of

    interested customers.

    We have thousands of “followers.”

    And our services may also include

    text messaging and E-mail.

    Second – Public E-Relations

    We’ll market your book, service, product

    or cause with an online PR Campaign that includes:

    Social Networking Strategy
    We engage digital communities.

    There are “virtual communities” of peers,

    associates, friends, family members -and strangers.

    And more are popping up each day.

    They can be tracked by “interest.”

    They can be targeted for YOUR message using

    MySpace, Friendster and Facebook, nings, Linked In, Fastpitch, Chocolate Pages Network and Tumblr.

    These sites connect millions of people!

    MMS-SMS already reaches 100,000 + people each

    month through our Social Media networks.

    We also photo market via flickr,

    tweetpic and photobucket

    Using and managing this existing

    and growing MMS-SMS Social Media audience,

    we’ll rev up your digital profile and

    drive traffic directly to you.

    Like the “Pied Piper”

    we travel through the virtual “new world,”

    and gather up friends, fans and followers

    tailored to meet each client’s needs.

    Social Media Releases
    You’ve heard the term “keywords” –

    but we know how to use keywords to deliver and maximize exposure of up to 10 Press Releases distribution sites. You may write your own release – and we’ll flag the keywords – or we’ll write it for an additional $350.


    We’ve got a client and partner e-lists of

    active email addresses!

    Does 32,000 pair of interested

    eyes on your message sound exciting!!!

    E-blast enhancements / Bookmarks & Aggregators

    Are you confused by the above terms? No problem. We’re experts at utilizing these techniques to have your messages picked up, sent out and saved by recipients who use services such as del.icio.us, dig, stumbleupon, friendfeed, Plaxo, bebo and more!

    Rates for this Social Media Property Management

    The two categories of comprehensive services detailed above

    * You Shine Online
    * Public E-Relations

    Both programs offered to you in 2010 at of $1,000 per month

    Plus you get a bonus gift of the “PR Boot Camp” in a box


    Start the new year with new media done right!Social Media Training

    Ministry Marketing Solutions – Social Media Services also offers Social Media Training. Three private sessions for $500 .
    We can equip you to:
    1. Set-up an engaging blog at blogger.com
    2. Create your own podcast and launch it online
    3. Produce your own video for youtube posting – one that will show you in the best light
    4. Gather followers, friends and fans on twitter facebook, linkedin or other Social Media sites
    5. Show you how to set-up and distribute your own e-newletters with Aweber or Constant Contact templates and address management systems
    6. Give you resources, walk you through all of the steps and simplify the process of launching a major Social Media marketing campaign – on your own !

    PR COACHING – our flag ship program of Teleclasses!

    You’ll learn insider’s strategies and secrets, such as:

    The elements of a strong publicity plan and what makes a

    book a best-seller

    How to create a “killer” media kit that grabs attention and

    gets results

    The publicity process and how to master media interviews

    How to win radio, TV, newspaper, magazine and/or internet

    media interviews

    The Internet – key PR hubs, paid advertising and free publicity

    Print Publications and creative ad strategies that sell books

    PR Secrets and the tools of the trade

    Loads of tips offered by guest speakers from various

    Christian print pubs


    Click & listen to this interview on the

    “TOP TEN Mistake Authors Make”

    from the Synery Energy Show:


    Resolve to get in at least ONE of these program:

    1. Social Media Property Management – $1000 per month2. Social Media Training – $500 for 3 private sessions

    3. PR COACHING – $800 for 4 weekly sessions –

    but – $500 if paired with Social Media TrainingYou need this expertise in order to Create and Disseminate Your OWN Message –
    Because in the “new world” – YOU ARE “THE MEDIA”!

    Don’t pass up this essential business strategy.

    Virtual social networks are as dynamic as the pulse of the energy that flows through them
    24 hours a day
    7 days a week
    365 days a year
    to every corner of the globe . . .

    Picture an expressway during rush hour with hoards of cars, a never-ending stream of traffic moving 100 miles per hour.

    Like a busy highway, virtual social networks are just as vibrant, pulsing with energy and full of life.

    Social Media networks transport information like passengers in the cars on a super highway.

    These digital vehicles are fueled by human ingenuity –

    as creative people add their energy –

    express their creativity and share their virtual space.There are thousands of Social Media outlets and opportunities . . .
    Let MMS-SMS guide you through this
    Brand new world

    And help you to stake YOUR claim
    on your target audience.

    Contact me now – get your free bonus gift and

    we’ll be off and running!


    Paypal accepted

    P.S. Pick and Purchase your package and receive a copy of

    my Synergy Energy ebook for FREE as a bonus.

    It’s all about PR 2.0!

    Listen to this preview call*:


    note: discounts have expired

    Publicity VA Assistance offered for an additional monthly fee. Contact Leah Hubbard at waabiz@aol.com or call 248.342-8806


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