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    Thank you for visiting Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc.

    Ours is high calling: to serve along side those who do ministry.

    Our purpose: To market the Message – The Good News – in excellence.

    In order to do that, you need good information and resources.

    I will personally strive to bring you the best publishing and promotion resources to make you a better author so you can make an impact for the Kingdom. I want to be your “go to” person for all your ministry marketing needs.

    Our mission: To express the “end of the matter” and true success in business through quality relationships with clients, customers and our social networks by marketing inspiring promotions, products, people and publications. Ecclesiastes 12:13

    So Surf away…but come back often for updates to our resource page! God bless you.

    To Self Publish Your Book:

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    The Source for Books on Christian Writing and Speaking

    American Christian Writers can help you get into print with its exclusive Write Now! books:

    An Introduction to Christian Writing

    Regular $17.00
    Our price $12.75
    An Introduction to Christian Writing
    Ethel Herr

    This book is indispensible for the apprentice Christian Writer. If you hear the call to write as a Christian Writer this is the book to spiritually and technically get you going in the direction that God is calling you. If you can’t afford joining the Christian Writer’s Guild’s two year course, Ethel Herr stands in as your mentor and guides you through the learning process, developing your disciplines and skills. Everything you need to get going as a Christian writer is in this book. Her exercises and assignments really work your writing muscles. Buy your Christian Writer’s Market and this book [and] you will be good to go. I highly reccommend this book for every writer’s library.
    Review by A. L. Harden

    A Complete Guide to Writing for Publication

    Regular $15.00
    Our price $9.00
    A Complete Guide to Writing for Publication
    Edited by Susan Titus Osborn

    As a journalist who is beginning to also write for the Christian market, I found this book extremely interesting and helpful. The chapters cover everything from praying for guidance, to how to make your manuscript more saleable to how to write for different markets (children, teens, romance, historical fiction, education, etc.). I especially enjoyed the chapter about how to write humor by James Watkins (who has some great humor in print!) and how to make a living as a freelance writer by Dennis Hensley. This book is a wonderful resource that I will refer to again and again.
    Review by Grace Housholder

    A Complete Guide to Writing for Publication

    Regular $15.00
    Our price $9.00
    A Complete Guide to Writing for Publication
    Edited by Susan Titus Osborn

    As a journalist who is beginning to also write for the Christian market, I found this book extremely interesting and helpful. The chapters cover everything from praying for guidance, to how to make your manuscript more saleable to how to write for different markets (children, teens, romance, historical fiction, education, etc.). I especially enjoyed the chapter about how to write humor by James Watkins (who has some great humor in print!) and how to make a living as a freelance writer by Dennis Hensley. This book is a wonderful resource that I will refer to again and again.
    Review by Grace Housholder

    A Complete Guide to Writing and Speaking

    Regular $15.00
    Our price $9.00
    A Complete Guide to Writing and Speaking
    Susan Titus Osborn

    Everyone interested in improving their writing and speaking will find something of value in these pages. In this new and improved second edition each chapter has been revisited and updated, new information added and new chapters included. There are articles on writing poetry, finding time to write, basic novel writing techniques, contracts, and essential material do develop a powerful speaking ministry.

    How to Write and Sell a Christian Novel

    Regular $12.00
    Our price $7.20
    How to Write and Sell a Christian Novel
    Gilbert Morris

    Morris, a highly acclaimed Christian author, illustrates the art of developing the three basic elements of novel writing: plot, character, and setting. In well-defined terms, with a collection of examples from his own published novels, Morris guides the aspiring novelist in constructing a plot, deciding on point of view, writing dialogue, and developing character and setting. He concludes each chapter with helpful exercises to develop the skills just taught. His final chapter details the steps of marketing, including formatting manuscripts and surviving rejection. Highly recommended as a practical resource for aspiring writers.
    Review in Book List by Patty O’Connell

    Book Proposals that Sell

    Regular $14.00
    Our price $10.50
    Book Proposals that Sell
    Terry Whalin

    Terry Whalin’s book will save you the months and years of heartache as you turn your passion into print. He explains, “Many writers focus only on the creative aspects of writing a book and getting it published, but the executives inside a publishing house are business people who want to sell books and turn a profit at the end of the day. It’s a delicate balance between creating the best possible product and assuring that each product has the best opportunity to sell into the market and reach the target audience.” Book Proposals that Sell is your road map for bypassing the long, winding route that gets you nowhere and shows you the shortcuts for learning what publishers are really looking for.
    Review by Heather Lynn Ivester

    A Complete Guide to Writing for Publication

    Regular $15.00
    Our price $11.25
    You Can Market Your Book
    Carmen Leal

    This book changed my mindset about self-promotion. I am shy and didn’t want to be pushy, but Carmen helped me see that I am actually helping people when I introduce them to my book. Her material is well organized and has many clever twists on old marketing ideas. I wrote down everything she said to do—and then I did it! My book Avoiding the Greener Grass Syndrome is selling well because I’ve done lots of promotion including dozens of radio shows and an appearance, as an author, on the Montel Williams TV show! Thanks Carmen!
    Review by Nancy Anderson

    Just Write

    Regular $12.00
    Our price $7.20
    Just Write: an Essential Guide to Launching Your Writing Career
    Susan Titus Osborn

    “What a wealth of information from a writer who sits on both sides of the publishing desk. . . Susan knows her stuff!”
    Bev Lewis, best-selling Heritage of Lancaster County series

    “Susan is a fireball of inspiration, information, and good old common sense. This book is the same!”
    Bill Myers, best selling author of Blood of Heaven and the McGee and Me video series

    Write His Answer

    Regular $14.00
    Our price $10.50
    Write His Answer
    Marlene Bagnull

    I have just read this remarkable book for the first time—for I plan to go back and read it again, slowly. It is sorely needed refreshment for the struggling Christian writer. It’s also practical, easy to read, supportive and yet challenging. Some of the subjects she covers include dealing with rejection; doubt and despair; maintaining balance; and keeping up one’s physical health. In short, this is a powerful book about the spirituality of Christian writing. I recommend it most highly.
    Review by Louis N. Gruber

    Christian Writers Market Guide

    Regular $34.99
    Our price $29.99
    Christian Writers’ Market Guide: The Reference Tool for the Christian Writer
    Sally Stuart

    In a time when it may seem impossible to get a publisher?s attention, the Christian Writers? Market Guide offers the ideas, resources, and contact information you need. For over twenty years, the Christian Writers? Market Guide has offered indispensable help to Christian writers. It includes up-to-date listings of over 1,200 markets for books, articles, stories, poetry, greeting cards, and more, including information on forty new book publishers, eighty-three new periodicals, and thirty-four new literary agents. Whether you are a first-time author or a seasoned veteran, the Christian Writers? Market Guide will point you to resources that will help you get published, stay published, promote your work, and polish your craft.

    Communicate to Change Lives

    Regular $12.99
    Our price $11.99
    Communicating to Change Lives
    James Watkins

    ?I laughed, I gulped, and I learned as I read Jim?s book. As a writer, speaker, and teacher of writing, Jim knows what he is talking about. Best of all, he knows how to put the teaching at a level that we can easily grasp and apply. Here?s the book that will help you to change lives.?

    Roger Palms, Writer, teacher, speaker, former editor of Decision magazine

    Writers On Writing

    Regular $15.00
    Our price $13.50
    Writers on Writing: Top Christian Authors Share Their Secrets to Getting Published
    Edited by James N. Watkins

    Many Christians have a desire to communicate the gospel through the medium of writing but do not understand the basics of writing for publication. This helpful volume of 22 brief chapters provides encouragement for budding Christian writers to continue in their work, instruction in the craft of writing, and instruction in the basics of the Christian writing business. Contributors include: Jerry B. Jenkins, Liz Curtis Higgs, James Scott Bell, James L. Garlow, Sally Stuart, Stan Toler, Karen Ball, Dennis E. Hensley, Bob Hostetler and many more.

    Click here for even more books available from American Christian Writers.

    To order…

    Call toll-free 1-800-21-WRITE(97483)
    Reg Forder, publisher

    American Christian Writers is a member of:
    Evangelical Press Association
    Evangelical Christian Publishers Association
    Global Network of Christian Ministries

    Cross & Quill is our organizational newsletter. The front page of each issue is devoted to profiling one of our professional members. Other pages are packed with writing how-to’s, information and advice from editors and other professional writers, a writer’s devotional column, member/ subscriber prayer and praise items, computer helps, upcoming conferences and seminars, reviews on writers books, software and resources, and MarketLines, a column that gives the latest market news and views.To receive a free sample copy of Cross & Quill, simply fill out and submit the C&Q Request Form or email Sandy Brooks at cqsample@cwfi-online.org.

    Meet the Pro – November/December 2008 READ
    This Side of the Desk – March/April 1997 READ
    Writing Rainbows! – November/December 2008 READ
    The Editor’s Soapbox – September/October, 1995 READ
    Writers Helping Writers – May/June 2008 READ
    Fabulous Fiction – January/February 2008 READ
    Tots, Teens & InBetweens – November/December 2007 READ
    Poetically Speaking – January/February 2009 READ
    Writing Internationally – September/October 2008 READ
    ComputerWise – January/February 2009 READ
    Connecting Points – July/ August, 1994 READ
    The Conference Circuit – July/August, 2002 READ
    MarketLines – January/February 2009 READ

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    These writers guidelines were updated January 22, 2009

    Cross & Quill – The Christian Writers Newsletter serves an audience of writers, speakers, editors, conference directors, group leaders, researchers, and agents involved in the Christian publishing industry. Please keep that in mind when submitting. Need more nuts and bolts (this is how to write it) articles. Rarely use personal experiences except for Writing Rainbows!

    Our purpose is to inform, instruct, encourage, and equip Christians in publishing to produce writing of the highest biblical and professional standards.


    Meet the Pro: Assigned. Our front page features a member of the CWFI Family and their publishing accomplishments.

    This Side of the Desk: Written in-house.

    Writing Rainbows!: 500 to 600 word devotional thought including Scripture and prayer that comes from your writing experience. Give Bible translation.

    Family Talks: 300 to 500 word articles by CWFI Family members to CWFI Family members on lessons and nuggets of wisdom you’ve learned on the road of publication.

    Editor’s Soapbox: Assigned. Dave Fessenden, Contributing Editor.

    Writers Helping Writers: 200 to 800 word articles. More instructional and how-to articles, fewer personal experiences. Need articles directed to the veteran as well as the beginning writer.

    Writing Internationally: 200 to 800 word articles exploring the unique challenges that come with writing for readers in other cultures such as content, expression, language, money exchange, and other issues. We especially encourage writers outside North America to educate us on these issues and others we have not mentioned here.

    Tots, Teens & InBetweens: 200 to 800 word how-to and informational articles on writing for children, teenagers, and young adults. Immediate Need for these.

    Fabulous Fiction: 200 to 800 word articles on any aspect of writing fiction. Also profiles of fiction editors or successful fiction writers. Photos of editor or author improves chance of acceptance. Immediate need for these.

    The Merry Heart: 200 to 800 word articles on how to write and market humor.

    Symbiosis: Webster defines symbiosis as “a similar relationship of mutual interdependence between persons or groups.” The internet constantly creates new avenues for writers to share their hearts, develop their communication skills and form symbiotic relationships with persons of like mind around the globe. We would like to see 200 to 800 word articles on innovative ways you use the internet to develop symbiotic relationships with other writers: your Web site, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other types of internet services and functions.

    Editor’s RoundTable: 200 to 800 word interviews with editors on current needs of the publication or publishing house. Ask questions that help writers understand the joys, frustrations, and challenges of editorial work. Find out what the editor has often wanted to tell writers to make the editor’s and the writer’s jobs easier, more productive, and more profitable. Professional quality B&W glossy of editor improves chances of acceptance.

    ComputerWise: Assigned. Kay Hall, Contributing Editor.

    BusinessWise: 200 to 800 articles on how-to and informational articles on the business side of writing such as tax information, recordkeeping, and other related topics.

    MarketWise: 200-800 word articles or fillers on effective ways to market manuscripts.

    LegalEase: 200 to 800 word articles on various legalities in the writing profession: income taxes, contracts (book, agent, self-publisher, POD publisher), copyright, etc.

    Our Evolving Industry: 200 to 800 word articles on how our industry has changed over the past 25 to 30 years and how it continues to evolve into a ministry to both believers and non-believers. Immediate need for these.

    The Speaker’s Platform: 200 to 800 word articles on how to tame the terrifying beast of public speaking and become a clear communicator of the Gospel.

    Worthy of Our Hire: 200 to 800 word articles on ways to make a living at writing such as proofing, editing, indexing, writing ad copy, designing newsletters and business forms for offices, other writing/ publishing related jobs. Immediate need for these.

    Connecting Points: 200 to 800 word how-to’s and informational articles on leading and attending writers groups. Especially want articles on how to critique various kinds of writing such as nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and others. Also program ideas. We encourage writers international writers to explain the challenges of organizing, finding, and operating writers groups outside North America.

    The Conference Circuit: Organizing and operating writers workshops and conferences—successes and learning experiences. 500 to 600 words. Also profiles and personal experiences at Christian writers conferences. State availability of photos.

    Poetry: 1 to 8 line poems on helpful and inspirational about writers or the craft of writing. Limit 3 per submission.

    Fillers: 25 to 100 word helpful hints, newsbreaks, tips, cartoons. Book and other product reviews for and about writers, editors, and publishers, 100 to 300 words.

    Current Needs
    Cross & Quill has an immediate need for 200-800 word articles on fiction writing, writing for young readers, and devotionals (Writing Rainbows!). Also fillers to 100 words on almost any writing topic. Submit them online to CQArticles@aol.com or CQArticles@cwfi-online.org. Or mail them in hard copy to our address below. Honorarium based on need for editing + 3 contributors copies paid on publication.

    Submissions: Prefers complete manuscript. No simultaneous submissions. Please paste your article into an email form. Due to security concerns, we do not download attached files. Please do submit by directing us to a Web site. All email submissions should be addressed to CQArticles@aol.com and CQArticles@cwfi-online.org. Articles submitted to any other address will not be acknowledged.

    Rights: Buys first or reprint rights. If manuscript is a reprint, state when and where the piece has been used.

    Payment: Honorarium on publication + 3 contributors copies.

    All email submissions go to CQArticles@aol.com and CQArticles@cwfi-online.org.

    Hard copy submissions submitted by post not accompanied by a Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope (SASE) will not be acknowledged or returned.

    Editor/ Publisher: Sandy Brooks
    c/o Christian Writers Fellowship International
    1624 Jefferson Davis Rd.
    Clinton, SC 29325-6401
    (864) 697-6035 between 9am and 5pm Eastern Time.

    Email Addresses:


    Web Address:

    Best websites for Writers
    Absolute Write

    No matter which branch of writing interests you, you’ll be able to find helpful tips at Absolute Write. Just signing up for its e-newsletter will net you a free list of agents.
    Agent Nathan Bransford’s Blog


    San Francisco agent Nathan Bransford dishes the dirt on being an agent. Also, his series called “The Essentials (Please Read Before You Query)” is, well, an essential read.
    Agent Query


    Agent Query is a free, searchable database of agents. With just a few clicks you’ll be able to find one who represents your genre.
    Agent Research


    Do you need to verify the record of an agent? Check with this site first. It searches public records for all reports on the business practices of agencies, so you can find out whether it’s worth pursuing a particular agent or not.
    Armchair Interviews


    Take off your glasses, kick up your feet, relax and listen to interviews with some debut and bestselling authors. Armchair Interviews also offers an excellent list of resources.
    Author MBA


    Check out the 20-plus articles provided by Author MBA to improve your writing, marketing and career. Joanne Rock’s “A writer’s guide to managing work & the holidays” is an especially good read.


    After a little makeover, Backspace continues to offer feature articles, columns and industry news. The “Your Write Mind” columns are great reads. However, if you want to be a part of its forum, it’ll cost you a small fee.
    Book in a Week


    This site’s motto is “butt in chair, hands on keyboard, typing away madly”—and you’ll need to adhere to it if you want to live up to the challenge. You have one week to put all excuses in your sock drawer and write as much as you possibly can. It’s definitely fun—and rewarding.
    Brainy Quote


    Need a famous quote for your article? Stop by Brainy Quote and search by topic, author or type to find the words of wisdom (or humor) you desire.
    Buried in the Slush Pile


    Buried in the Slush Pile covers juvenile writing. You’ll notice a helpful glossary of publishing terms—now even we know what “F&G” means. (ps- This isn’t actually an agent blog—it’s an author blog—but the information provided is great.)
    C. Hope Clark’s Funds for Writers


    Freelancers on the prowl for jobs and cash need to look no further. This site offers up the big four—grants, contests, fellowships and markets—that pay. Plus, C. Hope Clark’s free e-newsletter is a must read for all who freelance.
    Christian Storyteller


    While the bright colors and cluttered design are hard on the eyes, the information is great for Christian writers who are looking for support and networking with other writers. There’s a small fee if you want a personal webpage on the site, though.
    Coffee Time Romance & More


    Love is in the air—for romance writing. Share your thoughts, book blurbs and more on this forum. Also, get your book reviewed and read interviews with a number of romance authors.


    This site has always had some of the coolest novelty items, such as writerly T-shirts, drink koozies and squeezable stress relievers. Now it also offers more content by way of interviews and articles.
    Crime-Writers Yahoo Group


    This group is listed for those who are interested in writing or are currently writing crime fiction (including police procedurals, noir, hard-boiled, etc.). And with more than 650 members, it’s a must-visit for crime writers.
    Critique Groups for Writers


    Members of this site can form private groups to workshop their writing. There’s also a section dedicated to publishing news, agents and signings.
    Dictionary.com Translater


    Do you have an English phrase that you need translated to Spanish? This site will help bring your characters to life—even if they speak a different language than you do.
    Drew’s Script-O-Rama


    To be the best you must read the best. Find your favorite movie and TV scripts for free in this database.
    Duotrope’s Digest


    Enjoy a free submissions tracker with this database of more than 2,000 markets for short fiction, poetry and novels/collections. Search functions include medium, payscale, accepts reprints and more.


    Take a batch of young magazine editors who want to learn more about the industry, share that info and meet other young editors and you get Ed(2010). Some of the site is still under construction, but what’s finished is can’t-miss material.
    Edit Red


    Head over to Edit Red for peer critiques, publishing tips and opportunities to promote your writing and connect with publishers. The site offers a free personal webpage, and promotion and marketing tools.


    Founded in 2000, this site presents free contests and peer-to-peer reviews. One fairly unique feature offered by the site is the ability to create your own contest and challenge other writers.
    Fiction Factor


    This site features tips on writing better fiction, improving your writing, getting published, and promoting and marketing your fiction.


    Search through 750 literary agencies and 900 book publishers to find one that suits your work.


    The real value in this site, a great source for market and event listings, is its list of writer organizations and groups spanning the world.
    Freelance Writing Jobs


    Deborah Ng’s Freelance Writing Jobs is filled with available freelance gigs. There’s also a special section dedicated to blogging jobs.
    Freelance Writing Organization-Int’l


    With more than 11,000 registered members (membership is free), Freelance Writing Organization-Int’l offers thousands of online resources and job offerings. It also gives members a free blog listing (as long as the blog deals with writing).
    Horror Writers Association


    Do you model your writing after Stephen King? If so, the Horror Writers Association is the perfect place for you to get tips, advice and the latest news on this niche.
    J.A. Konrath’s A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing


    J.A. Konrath’s A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing blog provides great information for new (and veteran) fiction writers. He also has links to plenty of good resources.
    Janet Reid’s Literary Blog


    Janet Reid, a literary agent with FinePrint Literary Management in New York City, specializes in crime fiction and shares query pitfalls to help you avoid rookie mistakes.
    Jennifer Jackson’s Et in Arcaedia, Ego Blog


    With the motto, “Saving the world, one book sale at a time,” literary agent Jennifer Jackson shares news, notes and opinions on the industry, including a sneak peek at her query round-up.


    Everything you need to know is in the Web address (though we’ll add that they have an excellent listing of industry events).
    Kid Magazine Writers


    Get the latest news, info and tips on writing for kids here. Plus, this site offers a wealth of paying children’s markets.
    Literary Law Guide


    Get the latest in copyright news from this intellectual property lawyer. “What Every Writer Should Know About Copyright” is a great introductory article that all writers should read.
    Long Story Short


    The goal of this e-zine is to take the intimidation out of the querying process by replying personally to every author and by offering suggestions on how to improve your work. This site publishes stories in many different genres, including flash fiction, humor, poetry and even book chapters.
    Lori Perkins’ Agent in the Middle


    Let literary agent Lori Perkins guide you around the NYC agent scene. Plus, she has great insight into horror, social science fiction, dark fantasy, dark literary novels and erotica—her specialties.
    Marcela Landres


    Stay on top of the latest Latino/Hispanic literary events, contests and writing opportunities by reading this former Simon & Schuster editor’s site.
    Media Job Market


    Looking for a job? This site has searchable classifieds so you can find a writing-related job in your area.


    Stay informed on publishing industry news and network with other writers around the globe. This is one of the best spots for journalism and freelance jobs around.


    When it comes to word-lover reference material, it’s hard to beat Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary and thesaurus. Besides the basic functions, it provides word games, a spelling quiz, a Word of the Day and the “Word for the Wise” podcast.
    Mike’s Writing Workshop


    Can’t find a local writing group? At Mike’s Writing Workshop, you’ll find a community of nearly 9,000 writers willing to share information and critique your work.
    Mom Writer’s Literary Magazine


    This online literary magazine for writer moms features articles on the ups, downs and challenges of motherhood.
    Moontown Cafe


    Kick off your shoes, curl up under your favorite blanket, grab a virtual latte and cozy up with this site for poets. You’re welcome to post some of your own poetry for feedback—all they ask is that you rate two poems for each poem you post.
    Movie Bytes


    Who wouldn’t love to get a script noticed by winning a contest? Well, there’s no better place to find one than in the Movie Bytes contest directory. Of course, if you eventually win an Oscar, you’ll have to thank Writer’s Digest in your acceptance speech.
    My Writers Circle


    This forum boasts nearly 6,000 members and an active critique section. There’s also a job board, a resource center and a section of writing games.
    National Novel Writing Month


    One of the most well-known writing challenges in the writing community, National Novel Writing Month (November) pushes you to write 50,000 words in 30 days.


    Starting your writing career can be nerve-racking, but feel at ease on this site, which has fellow newbies. Subscribe to its free e-newsletter and receive an 85-page e-book resource guide.
    Noodle Tools


    This site provides links to plenty of writing opportunities for youngsters, including ones that pay.
    Novely Journey


    This site offers a great collection of interviews with authors, editors and freelancers. It’s updated daily.


    If you’ve yet to be published or are a newly published author, this site has a lot of goodies for you. From original book reviews and book giveaway contests to writing prompts, this is a good destination for beginners.
    Preditors & Editors


    Telling the difference between a professional contest and a scam can be hard, but thanks to Preditors & Editors you don’t have to sweat it. Dive into this site to find out which writing-related services, contests, organizations, etc., are worth your time and which aren’t.
    Publishers Marketplace


    Check out this site’s job board, which is filled with gigs from editing to marketing to production. It can be an excellent way to get your foot in the door. Also, there’s a place to announce your book deal.
    Publishing Questions


    If you’re looking for a crash course on getting published, look no further. This site provides an abbreviated version of the process.
    Query Tracker


    For those in need of an agent, this site allows writers to upload their query letters and agent experiences, building a database of information. The experiences are then combined to show trends and actions of individual agents so you know what to expect when querying them.
    R.A.W. SISTAZ Literary Group


    This group focuses on reading, writing and discussing books primarily by African-American authors. The Writer’s Block section is filled with tips. Plus, according to the site, all books sent to them are reviewed. That’s right, all books.
    Rachelle Gardner’s Rants & Ramblings


    Rachelle Gardner’s Rants & Ramblings covers her life as a Christian writing literary agent and includes news, trends and advice on the publishing industry.


    If you’re looking for “Of the Day” trivia to get your brain functioning each morning, stop on by this site. It offers tons of tidbits that you probably didn’t know—and may lead you to a story idea.
    Resources for Muslim Writers


    Hey Muslim writers, you’ll want to bookmark this site. From writing competitions to jobs for writers, editors and journalists, this site houses opportunities and news for those looking for publishing success.
    Rob Parnell’s Easy Way to Write


    Rob Parnell’s Easy Way to Write is filled with lots of freebies for writers in several markets, including poetry, flash fiction and e-zine fiction (that actually pays). The forum is relatively small, but the blog is an entertaining read.
    Robyn Opie’s Writing For Children


    This children’s book author delivers dozens of free articles on constructing, writing, editing and publishing your children’s book. There are also two books available for free download.
    Romance Divas


    What’s not to like about a site whose motto is “unleash your inner diva”? Join the Romance Divas for advice on the craft and business of writing romances, and share stories about your life and career with this fun writing community.
    Romance Writing Tips


    This site showcases some of the best tips for romance writers. And while this group doesn’t critique, it offers plenty of links to groups that do.
    Sharing with Writers and Readers


    Looking for cheap ways to promote your book? Carolyn Howard-Johnson shares tips to get your book out to the world at a low cost. Sign up for her free e-newsletter to have most of the information delivered right to your inbox.


    Use this database to find a writing conference near you.
    Smith Mag Six Word Challenge


    Can you write your memoir in only six words? This is a thrilling challenge that encourages you to write sharply and concisely.
    Social Security Administration Popular Baby Names


    Need character names that suit your 1920s setting? The Social Security website has the most accurate list of popular names from 1879 to the present.
    The Eighteen Questions


    Also known as 18Q, this site is designed to share the views and experiences of published authors for novice writers in a series of 18 questions. More than 100 authors have taken the quiz.
    The Erotica Readers & Writers Association


    If you like the extra randy stuff, check out this site, dedicated to erotica writers and writing. It’s a great place for tips and stories, but definitely not a playground for the youngsters.
    The Internet Writing Workshop


    If you’re not into message boards, The Internet Writing Workshop offers discussions and critiques delivered right to your e-mail inbox. There’s no fee for this service, but there’s a minimum participation time of 30 minutes a week.
    The Jewish Writing Institute


    This site is for e-mail and correspondence classes, but if you dig a little you’ll find some of the best resources for Jewish writing and publishing. Tamar Wisemon’s article on Jewish magazine and newspaper markets is a must read.
    The MuseItUp Club


    Hard to beat a free online writing conference, and that’s exactly what The MuseItUp Club offers. The group acknowledges that writers often have insufficient funds to travel across the country, so they bring a weekend of professional advice to your office (or wherever your computer is set up).
    The MuseItUp Club Critique Group


    Critique groups are limited to five people so your work can get more personal attention. They’ve added a workshop forum for members to discuss monthly workshop topics.
    The Poetry in Color


    The Poetry in Color forum solicits poets of all backgrounds and encourages quality peer-to-peer feedback on members’ writings. This site isn’t censored, so leave the kids at home.
    The Poetry Market Ezine


    Get your poetry markets, contests, reviews and news from this free monthly e-zine.
    The Publicity Hound


    Consultant Joan Stewart shares tips on self-promotion and how to get free publicity—a key for any writer living on a tight budget.
    The Publishing Law Center


    From fair use of trademarks to electronic rights, attorney Lloyd L. Rich provides dozens of helpful articles on topics important to the writing community.
    The Rejecter Blog


    This assistant at an NYC literary agency rejects 95 percent of the queries that cross her desk—and blogs about them. She also answers questions about the process and offers up advice on getting your query past her desk.
    The Story Starter


    If a daily prompt isn’t enough to stuff your writing appetite, check out this site. Get a random story-starter sentence from more than 340 million (yes, you read that correctly) choices. Just one click of a button and you’re on your way.
    The Teacher’s Corner


    Looking for inspiration? These daily writing prompts aren’t only fun, but relate to the date (September 5 is National Cheese Pizza Day—who knew?).
    The Urban Muse


    The Urban Muse is populated with excellent tips on writing, marketing and staying creative. Don’t miss the “5 Ways to Promote Your Blog” post; great advice.
    The Wild Poetry Forum


    A poet’s heaven, this extremely active forum welcomes all poetry buffs 13 years old and up. Just be sure to keep your work clean for the children.
    The Writer’s Resource Directory


    Carol Kluz’s site has hundreds of resources for writers. Note that not all of the links work, but most of the ones that do are valuable.
    The Writers Society


    If too many people overwhelm you, here’s a small forum that may suit your needs. It’s focused heavily on fiction, but there’s some poetry and nonfiction as well.
    The Writing Bridge


    This private writing workshop is always seeking new members, but you have to be serious about the craft. If you make it through the approval process, you’ll have access to critique forums and creative writing prompts.
    The Young Writers Society


    If you’re a young writer (think under 18) and looking for support, look no further. The Young Writers Society offers kids and teens a space to share work, chat, blog and more. This site also discourages “netspeak,” which is good news for grammar buffs.
    Today’s Woman


    Today’s Woman has nearly 1,000 members who participate in its forum, online critiques and weekly contests. Women aren’t the only ones taking part (43 percent of the members are men), but they’re highly active in this site.
    Trent Steele’s Write Street


    Trent Steele’s Write Street is a good place to find recommended writing books, articles on the writing craft and inspirational quotes.
    United States Copyright Office


    Everything you need to know about copyright law is right here, along with the option to register your work for extra protection (for a fee). We recommend bookmarking the FAQ section.


    For the public, updated by the public, Wikipedia makes for an excellent starting point when you’re researching a subject. But use it only as a diving board to better sources. (See Questions & Quandaries, p. 65 for a better explanation.)
    Winning Writers


    Gain access to 150 poetry contests by subscribing to its free e-newsletter (and more than 750 if you upgrade to its premium membership). Plus, enter its famous Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest, which searches for the “best humor poem that has been sent to a ‘vanity poetry contest’ as a joke.”


    With 4,500 registered users, this site offers a forum to discuss all forms of writing. The extra good news is it’s kid-friendly—there are ratings to let you know if something has explicit content.
    Worldwide Freelance Writer


    Sign up for this site’s e-newsletter and receive access to a list of more than 500 magazine market listings. There’s also a European market listing available through a subscription.
    WOW! Women on Writing


    This e-zine caters specifically to women in the writing community, dishing out interviews (and tips) from popular female writers.
    Writer Beware


    One of the most notable watchdogs for the writing community, Writer Beware shares information on writing scams, problematic agents and publishers, and more. New to the site is a blog where writers can share info in the comments section.
    Writer Gazette


    In its fourth consecutive year on the list (sixth overall), this site lives up to its tagline: “Bringing you free writer-related articles, paying call for submission and freelance job postings, contests, resources, tips, and more to help induce, improve, and promote your writing career—every week.”
    Writer Site Out


    Looking for a Christmas present for yourself? Here you can find free, printable posters and bookmarks showcasing quotes from some of your favorite authors. All you need is a printer.
    Writer Unboxed


    Through interviews and discussion of craft, Writer Unboxed dissects genre-fiction writing. Its daily updates are a nice way to start your day (if you’re a genre-fiction writer).
    Writers FM


    Created by writers for writers, this online radio station broadcasts author interviews, writing prompts, music to inspire and mini-mysteries. Most of the material is available for podcast download.


    Brazil, Hong Kong, Jamaica—find an agent nearly anywhere in the world.


    This site welcomes writers of all levels. Sign up and get a free online portfolio, numerous user tools, e-mail services and a chance to network with other writers.


    Here’s another fun site that creates writing prompts on the spot. The site currently has several options—prompts for right-brained people, for left-brained people, for kids—and is working to add prompts on classic literature, music and more.
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